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Utilizing Reverse on a Lathe

A reverse switch on a lathe allows for easier bowl work and better sanding on both bowls and spindles. This video makes it easy to understand just how beneficial it is to be able to reverse the spindle on a lathe.

Wood Turning Essentials Download

Description Video Download: Wood Turning Essentials 108 minutes. Chapter Topics: Anatomy of a Lathe Lathe Safety Tips Turning Spindles Cutting Coves and Beads Shearing Technique Sanding and Finishing Spindles Shop Mallet Bowl Turning Techniques Alternative Bowl Hollowing Watch a preview of this download below:

Burning Accent Lines on a Lathe

George Vondriska teaches you a neat trick for burning accent lines into a dabble while it spins on the woodworking lathe. He recommends using recycled guitar strings pulled tight across the spinning piece to create friction and burn decorative lines into your project.

Advanced Turning Techniques DVD

Description DVD: Advanced Turning Techniques Learning to turn wood on a wood lathe is a skill many woodworkers desire to master. For the novice woodworker, the thought of turning wood can be intimidating. Advanced woodworkers desire wisdom and tips from experienced turners to allow them to further their talents. In this comprehensive turning video, Master…

Time for Green Wood Turning

There are some distinct advantages to turning green wood instead of dry wood, especially for bowls. Although working with green wood can make the cutting process easier, there are some downsides you need to know about. Watch to see if green wood turning is right for you. Related Videos: Drying Wood In A Microwave Chemically…

Oval Turning

Have you ever wanted to try oval turning on your lathe? Through the use of multi-axis turning you can do this. Multi-axis turning involves moving the live center to multiple points on your spindle to create a shape that is something other than round, such as an oval. Why might someone want to learn oval…

Woodturning Classes: Spindle Turning Basics

Before running the lathe, be sure you’re safe. You should remove all jewelry and roll up your sleeves or wear short sleeves. You should also wear a full face shield to protect your eyes. Lathes have a speed limit. Make certain your lathe is set at the correct speed. The speed is specific to the…

Turning Tops

Here’s a project you can do on the lathe that’s fun for you, and fun for the recipients too.  Making tops is a great way to work on your turning skills and, once you get good at this, you’ll be able to turn them out in no time.  Tune in for trade secrets on turning tops.

Turning a Bowl Made from Crotch Wood

Watch as George Vondriska turns a hefty chunk of maple crotchwood into a beautifully finished bowl. He walks you step-by-step through the woodworking process for turning a bowl made from crotch wood with “drama” by utilizing the unique lines and features of the wood.

Turning a Tenon on a 4-Jaw Chuck

Adding a four-jaw chuck to your turning arsenal can be a real game changer, as these nifty devices can increase your turning efficiency as well as capacity. When you are turning a bowl using a four-jaw chuck, however, it is important to have a good strategy for forming the tenon that will be inserted into…