Charlie Kocourek

WWGOA LIVE! May 2017

Charlie Kocourek
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Duration:   1  hrs 3  mins

Thanks to Charlie Kocourek for helping out with this LIVE event. He did a great job, and was able to answer a lot of veneer related questions. He’s welcome back any time.

0:35 Intro of Charlie Kocourek
2:45 Routers that don’t have variable speed
4:45 Resawing, with demo on bandsaw
8:30 Determining what size screw for a project
10:02 Finish for an end table
11:14 Countersink to use with plugs
12:59 Painting outdoor treated wood furniture
15:36 Using a trim router for making holes
17:22 Best way to store chisels
19:30 Best finish for mahogany
20:55 Best way to store lumber
22:29 Good practice wood for lathe turning
24:02 Bandsaw buying advice
26:20 Glue squeeze out on a through tenon
30:04 Working with old wood
30:40 Woodworking projects for learning
32:30 Freezing point of Titebond 3
33:06 Making a juice groove in an end grain cutting board
34:53 Using commercial iron on veneer
35:58 Veneer on plywood edges
36:40 Source for weathered oak veneer
39:50 End grain bowls?
41:12 Cleaning saw blades
42:03 Selecting a glue
43:23 Pattern cutting small parts on a router table
44:23 Biscuit cutter vs pocket holes
46:15 Best dovetail jig
48:25 Helical heads on jointers
51:46 Making half lap joints
57:19 Router bit for cleaning pallet wood edges
59:55 George’s teaching schedule

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