WWGOA LIVE! May 2017

Thanks to Charlie Kocourek for helping out with this LIVE event. He did a great job, and was able to answer a lot of veneer related questions. He’s welcome back any time.

0:35 Intro of Charlie Kocourek
2:45 Routers that don’t have variable speed
4:45 Resawing, with demo on bandsaw
8:30 Determining what size screw for a project
10:02 Finish for an end table
11:14 Countersink to use with plugs
12:59 Painting outdoor treated wood furniture
15:36 Using a trim router for making holes
17:22 Best way to store chisels
19:30 Best finish for mahogany
20:55 Best way to store lumber
22:29 Good practice wood for lathe turning
24:02 Bandsaw buying advice
26:20 Glue squeeze out on a through tenon
30:04 Working with old wood
30:40 Woodworking projects for learning
32:30 Freezing point of Titebond 3
33:06 Making a juice groove in an end grain cutting board
34:53 Using commercial iron on veneer
35:58 Veneer on plywood edges
36:40 Source for weathered oak veneer
39:50 End grain bowls?
41:12 Cleaning saw blades
42:03 Selecting a glue
43:23 Pattern cutting small parts on a router table
44:23 Biscuit cutter vs pocket holes
46:15 Best dovetail jig
48:25 Helical heads on jointers
51:46 Making half lap joints
57:19 Router bit for cleaning pallet wood edges
59:55 George’s teaching schedule

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83 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! May 2017”

  1. Jim

    I need to fill pocket-hole joints on a table top to look like the table I am putting a clear finish on it.

  2. Joseph

    Nice show. I'm from Florida

  3. Allen Fietz

    When gluing a through tenon into another piece of stock, do not put the glue in the mortice. put glue on the tenon and hold short of putting glue on the area of the tenon that will be protruding out of the mortice. the glue will be behind the end of the tenon as it is inserted into the mortice and will not pass through a glue area , thus no glue on the end of the tenon when it protrudes from the end of the mortice.

  4. Chris

    Watching the re-run on Saturday from london, UK.

  5. Thomas Williams

    Glue squeeze out cleanup, chisel or damp rag? Which is best for finish prep? Your suggestions please.

  6. david briggs

    watching from Grand Ridge, Fl. my 3rd webinar, member of WWGOA

  7. Kathy

    Just curious if there is an alternative tip to buying/ making a pocket hole jig? Any way to make your own or a method by which it can be "eyeballed"?

  8. robert wiman

    what do you think of the band saws from harbor freight tools.is it a good one or is it one of the worst ones on the market.

  9. Jim Heavey

    Nice job, men! See you next week George.

  10. Vernon Stedronsky

    I wish you would provide a video access to the programs after they are complete. I always seem to join the discussion too late.