Furniture Making

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Upholster a Wrapped Seat Cushion

A customer came into my shop the other day and asked me to replace their uncomfortable and broken fiberglass kitchen stool seats. They wanted to reuse the adjustable chrome bases, but change the seats so they were cushioned and upholstered. I said sure, no problem, and I suggested a simple wrapped padded cushion. The techniques…

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Creative Steam Bending

I see everything in curves and undulations. Most of my life has been spent in landscaping, tree farming and Bonsai. Everything is a reflection of the creative beauty of nature. A landscape design should tell a story. A dry creek bed in the plant bed disappears under the fence to an unseen world in the…

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Replacing a Bent Lamination

CLASSIC THONET CHAIR NEEDS A REPAIR. A client contacted me with an interesting request. He had owned a classic Thonet brand laminated wood chair for a number of years, which he bought at a garage sale for a song. Everything seemed to be in good condition when he bought it, however upon further inspection, the…

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