Tearout-Free Crosscuts on Plywood

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Duration: 2:29

One of the hazards of crosscutting plywood on the table saw is the unsightly tearout you get where the blade exits the material. Bruce Kieffer demonstrates a great woodworking technique that will give you smooth, tearout-free crosscuts. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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5 Responses to “Tearout-Free Crosscuts on Plywood”

  1. Mario

    It is not always possible but with the example presented, what about raising the blade at 70% of the wood thickness and flip the piece of wood on the second pass? That way you don’t have to move your setup at all. This is what I was expecting while watching the video.

    • Paul

      The advantage of using a shallow cut on the first pass is that the saw blade will be cutting nearly parallel to the surface of the plywood and not exiting perpendicular to the surface and causing tear out. On the second cut the first cut will backup the blade as it exits the plywood limiting the amount of tear out.
      I do appreciate this (and other tips) from your video(s). Thanks!!

  2. Bob Trento

    Good tip need to try it have struggled with that issue MANY times have tried scoring with a utility knife and tapping the cut line with different types of tape which worked OK???????? Looking forward to trying this one.

  3. Steve Gronsky

    Sounds like a good suggestion. However, you didn’t mention what blade was in your saw during the shooting of the video.

  4. Juri Koolmar

    I will have to try it. Now, if it is important, I usually make the cut about a 1/32″ wider, and then do a skim cut to final dimension, woks quite well. One setup is better than two.

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