Layne Kennedy

How to Photograph Projects: Introduction

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   1  mins

Professional photographer Layne Kennedy joined us in the shop to provide advice on taking great pics of your woodworking projects. Working with inexpensive home center lights, a smart phone, and point and shoot camera, Layne shows us how to get the best possible shots of our work.

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3 Responses to “How to Photograph Projects: Introduction”

  1. Bruce

    I'm new here. I must be doing something wrong. I only got 1:22 introduction and that's it. What's with this ???

  2. Greg N

    George and Layne--thanks so much for this series. I had always wanted to get better photos of project, but I worried that doing so would require lots of expensive equipment or advanced photography expertise. Very useful, down-to-earth information I will put to good use.

  3. Chris Rodgers

    Great series of videos! Very helpful - lots of good info and practical examples using smartphones and simple point-and-shoots like most of us have. Thanks!

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