Woodworking Restoration Guide

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12 Responses to “Woodworking Restoration Guide”

  1. Chuck


  2. Chris

    These things are really good to know, thank you

  3. Keith Gossett

    Looking forward to reading good material!

  4. Herrmann Holger

    Good help here 😃

  5. Frank Robert Sherman

    Interesting set of project repairs. I have a large coffee table my wife bought years age. Made of oregon timber and it has a large split along the grain I would like to fix. Possible?

  6. lew

    What about repairing a bubble in a tabletop veneer?

  7. Douglas Young

    Interested in all things wooden.

  8. Dallas Linford

    I'm looking to learn.

  9. Donald Devine


  10. Fred Zehring

    Looking forward to some good restoration direction.