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11 Responses to “Sharpen Your Skills”

  1. Don

    looking to buy a chisel set for around 175-200 bucks total. Been searching the internet and too many to choose. Looking of advice from those that have chisels. Will use daily in general wood working. TIA. Don

  2. Jerry

    I have a sears table saw with striped teeth on the blade rise/angle handle. where can I get parts sense their out of business?

  3. Reynold Lackey

    Need info on adding color to finished product!

  4. Eileen Bibby

    As much help as possible please

  5. John Beamish

    I'm using a 3/4" wide gouge to gouge out spoons in Basswood. I'm having a terrible time putting a sharp edge on the gouge. Is there any easy way to calculate at what angle to hold the gouge while rotating against the sharpening wheel? Thanks

  6. Norman Shattuck

    VERY GOOD, I like all the programs


    these all are very informative!

  8. Ron mulhall

    How to install shelf in wall

  9. thonlyone

    great info

  10. George Etheredge

    Well done