George Vondriska

George's Solid Wood Storage

George Vondriska
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Duration:   2  mins

George Vondriska explains how he set up the solid wood storage area in his storage building. Using some heavy duty, inexpensive shelf brackets from a home center, he found an effective way to store solid woods. It was easy to set up and helps keep the wood organized. Including a miter saw in this area creates a great work flow to get wood cut to size before bringing it into the shop.

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6 Responses to “George's Solid Wood Storage”

  1. Darcy

    Hi there. I noticed that George mentioned that the brackets and wall standards are "Heavy Duty", and upon researching the link provided in the comments, I found that the KNAPE & VOGT system comes with a heavy duty 1" standard, and a 5/8" regular size standard. I am wondering if George's system uses the Heavy Duty 1" standards or the regular 5/8" ones, and his reference to Heavy Duty, is simply that the regular ones are good quality and strong.

  2. David Millette

    Only green llumberr is stored horizontally Dry lumber should be stored vertically

  3. Kayla Guidry

    My storage shed has metal structural members instead of wood 2x4s. I have a bunch of these brackets already, how would I fasten the standards to the metal framing?

  4. David Janis

    Link for the brackets please?

  5. Dan

    How did you attach the 2X4’s to the metal building?

  6. Amy

    It looks like you have the Bosch miter saw and stand. were you able to put the FastCap extension arms right on the gravity Bosch stand? You must feel the expense of the FastCaps best fence is worth it? I have not been a bee to justify $450 for the rail system... Can you help explain why it is so expensive?

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