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19 Responses to “Sharpen Your Skills”

  1. Robbi

    Thanks. The safety videos are always a good thing to review. Your membership are mostly woodworkers, but I'm a woodcarver. Most of my time is spent with knives, gouges, and chisels. Because of that, your organization isn't a good fit for me.

  2. Bruce Kupitz

    I have my table saw located In the center of my shop. My shop is completely insulated and sheet rocked, but i have installed hooks into the ceiling right above my standing location that i hangs short bungee cords from then have my ear protection, a metal plate (m my phone has a magnet on the case that attaches to the plate) and both electrical extension cord and air hose mounted right above me. I’d senda pic, but can’t here

  3. John MacBeth

    Thank you.

  4. Steven Henstock

    no comment

  5. lauro olvera


  6. James Black

    I always have trouble with building benchwork

  7. Art Taylor

    Very informative and enjoyable

  8. Jeffrey weaver

    Let’s go

  9. Joe

    Hard to get to the subject matter I'm looking for

  10. James

    Very usefull thank you