Woodworking Restoration Guide

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16 Responses to “Woodworking Restoration Guide”

  1. Peter

    I will be using these tips to restore some furniture.

  2. Martin

    Very informative

  3. Garver Brown

    I like the tips

  4. Joseph S Risenhoover

    I have spent my entire life working on and with wood and building and repairing many things. Us poor people have to fix things to have nice old objects..

  5. Dennis Hendrix

    how about refinishing table tops, even if you don't know what the original finish was?

  6. Hector

    I just want to learn how to.

  7. Doug Wells

    I have a number of pieces that need restoration

  8. David Klinkefus

    This will be very handy for repairs on several pieces

  9. David

    This 85 y-old woodworker needs this series for himself as much as a set of 100y old chairs1

  10. Ron Hartree

    How do I save this yo ‘ my content’