WWGOA LIVE! March 2016

The luck of the Irish was with us, we had no technical issues at all. Here’s what we covered, and where you can find it in the archived video.

1:03 Books on rustic furniture
2:15 Mixing dye with stains/preconditioning wood
8:20 Drilling holes for marbles in games boards
11:20 User friendly CAD software (WWGOA SketchUp Class)
11:20 Setting up lock miter bits (For more info, look at Cutting a Lock Miter Joint)
15:20 Sharpening lathe tools (More here on sharpening lathe chisels and low speed grinders)
21:23 Sheba the Benchdog
21:30 Applying shellac, it’s drying too fast
22:40 Wrapping sandpaper on a drum sander (More on this here: Wrapping Sandpaper on a Drum Sander)
28:50 Painting Corian (solid surface countertop material)
30:58 Software for CNC routing
31:58 End grain cutting boards and finish (More here on making an end grain cutting board)
34:58 Glue for cutting boards
36:02 Adding a dust port to a band saw
38:13 Jointer set up (Info on setting jointer knives and Mastering the Jointer)
44:27 Brushing on finish or spraying finish?
45:15 Table saw choice: Hybrid vs contractor
46:22 Dewaxed shellac or wood conditioner?
47:10 George’s clean shop (Video download on shellac)
48:19 Pith in bowl blanks (How to Cut Bowl Blanks from Logs)
52:19 Finish for tables (Lots of info here on wood finishing techniques)
52:45 How much glue to apply
55:00 Machines used for sharpening lathe chisels
55:56 George’s shop
58:08 Finding content on WWGOA.com
59:20 Tools for beginner woodworks (George’s Top Five Stationary Tools)
1:02:12 George’s favorite St Paddy’s Day joke

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67 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! March 2016”

  1. mikegraw

    George, I love your jokes. Thanks for adding a little humor to your broadcasts. I enjoyed seeing the show today. Don't get to watch them live. It was great seeing around your shop. Maybe you could do a tour around your shop as one of the videos you send out. I would love to see how you have it all set up and learn why you chose the machines you did.

  2. dan Miller

    Iv;e been trying to be approve to your company ,but not able to.

  3. Indal Singh

    I really enjoy watching the videos and reading all the updates on tools and woodworking. I am just a beginner and ingesting all the jewels of ideas and creativity presented. Thanks a whole lot.

  4. Chris

    Sound and video better, viewing from just south of London in the UK on Thursday morning 9.00am GMT.

  5. william

    the audio gets to be fixed on your videos...its terrible

  6. George Vondriska

    For those who have raised questions about logging in to their account, or other membership related things, the phone number for Customer Service is (855) 253-0822

  7. fred nye

    Sound quality good as is vidio.

  8. Gilles

    I love the instruction very much

  9. Monte Olson

    Great live feed! Enjoyed it greatly! Look forward to your next one!

  10. Russell

    The video and audio tonight was much better than the last time. Enjoyed the program and will begin planning questions for the next one. Thanks.