How to Remove Rust from Table Saws

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“I am looking at a used 10″ table saw to replace my very old one. The top has a light coating of rust from just sitting in the garage. How is the best way to remove it, if possible?”

Submitted by: brandenbergs

WWGOA Editor Response:

I’ve had great luck getting surface rust off tools using a product from Empire Manufacturing called TopSaver. Spritz it on, let it sit a minute or two, then scrub with a Scotch Brite pad. If surface rust is all you’re up against, Top Saver and a little elbow grease, will fix the problem. Seal the top with Empire’s Table Top Lubricant so the saw doesn’t rust again in your shop. This is a great technique on how to remove rust from table saws.

Thank you for your question.

George Vondriska

Managing Editor

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15 Responses to “How to Remove Rust from Table Saws”

  1. Jim Thompson

    Is there any reason this technique would not work well on my wood lathe bed? Might it leave a coating that would reduce the slickness needed to maneuver the tool rest?

  2. Billie

    Well don’t know if I’m right or wrong but 50 years ago bought a used table saw and it had a rusty top. How it was removed was elbow grease and a small piece of Emory cloth, well lots of Emory cloth and then it was waxed. And it gets waxed e every 6 months or so to keep the rust away. If I’ve not paid attention and waxed soon enough where looks like a spot of rust is trying to come back I just take a putty knife and run across the offending area and wax again. You can never wax enough! Especially if living in a hot humid area like Mississippi. Not hard just elbow grease and wax to keep rust at bay.


    Unfortunately my shop is not sealed like some are that have central heat and air. So, rust is a very big problem for me. It is on my older saw blades, a set of spade bits, and on my various screw bits-flat head, philips, star drives, hex wrench bits. What is the best way to remove it? I have a can of silicone spray sealant put out by WD-40 that does a great job sealing my newer tools. You just spray this on let dry and its sealed. Is a fine wire wheel okay to use? Just for the record, I love the way George explains things. He doesn't talk down to you like some on You Tube do.

  4. Arunkumar

    No cammant

  5. Scott M. Keadle

    Hi, I have your video on the rust removal system using battery charger. The problem I have is my charger is a smart charger. After a over night run I had very litter rust removed. I would like to know if the charger you used is one of the newer ones or is it an older one.

  6. Duane Blackwell

    I want to build a planting station for my wife. I wanted to build it out of cedar but can't find 11/2' X 3 1/2" material. What other type of material do you recommend?

  7. john meyer

    How can I finish two bowling alley work benches. One is in the basement, and the other is in my garage. The finish on them know is getting bad. Thank you John Meyer

  8. Bill Pieters

    I am starting to cut a lot of circles out of plywood. What is the best way to do this? Table saw or router? Thanks for all the help

  9. Colin Clayton

    <strong>Ticket 21896 Your website is hard to negotiate IMHO. Where do I purchase the Bostick Tool Glide you often advertise in the videos I have purchased? Please send me a link

  10. P

    I m back to woodworking again and I have read about different projects being cover with a oil. Please tell me what oils are being used and available. Also, please explain how I would achieve a high gloss finish on a project that is being clear coated.