• Drilling a level hole

    Drilling a Level Hole

    Even if you own a drill press you sometimes run into situations where you need to use a cordless drill to drill a hole. When the hole you’re drilling is horizontal, and the thing you’re drilling into is plumb, you can use this cool trick. Grab a screw eye The “instrument” we’ll use for checking…

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  • Wood working tools on a large piece of wood

    Building a Live Edge Slab Table

    Tables built from live edge slabs are very popular, and very beautiful. George was lucky enough to get an amazing hackberry slab in his shop and, with a little help from Triton woodworking tools, he turned it into two lovely tables. One from two The slab we started with was long enough that it could…

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  • Circular saw

    Notching For Legs with a Circular Saw

    Often a furniture project calls for cutting a notch out of a panel to wrap around another item for a custom fitted appearance. Case in point: a tabletop that is notched around the legs to showcase the top of the legs for a point of interest. It can be difficult to establish these short cut…

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  • ArbourTech Wood Carving Power Tools

    ArborTech Wood Carving Power Tools

    Want to let your creative juices flow? Try wood carving. It’s a great way to let your creative inner self out. And wood carving power tools provide a great way to do both carving and sculpting. Making it Easy Wood carving power tools make carving and sculpting easy. No need to hone chisels. Most of…

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  • Drill Straight Holes with a Hand Held Drill

    Drill Straight Holes with a Handheld Drill

    The best way to drill perfectly straight holes is on a drill press, but some projects are so large you can’t take them to a drill press. Or, you might not own one. Here are four great approaches you can use to help you drill straight holes when using a hand held drill.

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  • Reduce Chipping When Crosscutting Plywood

    Reduce Chipping When Crosscutting Plywood

    George Vondriska provides essential tips and techniques for reducing chipping while crosscutting plywood. Scoring the plywood with a straight edge and utility knife first and then crosscutting, will result in cleaner edges on your plywood. Follow George’s helpful hints to optimize your cut quality. Your woodworking skills will greatly improve when practicing these techniques.

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  • Using Lithium Ion Batteries in Woodworking Tools

    Using Lithium Ion Batteries in Woodworking Tools

    George Vondriska discusses some of the key advantages to using woodworking tools with lithium ion batteries. You’ll learn about their size to power ratio, charge cycles, and what additional benefits they can provide for your shop. DSS181 Compact Tough Drill/Driver provided by Bosch. For more information, visit www.boschtools.com. More Videos from Bosch: Plunge Cutting in…

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  • A Mirror Reflects Perfect Holes

    A Mirror Reflects Perfect Holes

    Need a hole drilled at a perfect right angle, but can’t use a drill press? Let’s reflect on this; literally. An acrylic mirror provides the perfect solution for drilling perfect holes at a right angle to the work surface, even with a hand held drill. You’re going to love this tip.

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  • Getting the Most Out of a Small Planer

    Getting the Most Out of a Small Planer

    Dave Munkittrick shows you how to use an electric hand planer to get any twists, cups or warps out of your wood so that you end up with a smooth, flat surface. You can locate the high spots on your material and use a 13-inch handheld planer to get rid of them. This is a…

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