Getting Started with Resin

Thanks for signing up for the Getting Started with Resin Challenge. Click any of the thumbnails below to watch the project videos.

Tuxedo Coasters
Aurora Clock
Surfside Charcuterie Board
Ocean Bench
Alaskan River Table

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355 Responses to “Getting Started with Resin”

  1. Susie

    Excited to try

  2. Mit Miller

    This will help me GET STARTED> Thanks

  3. DEREK

    Where can you get hold of the Resin? I don't live in the US so I don't know any companies that deal with Resin?

  4. Darlene

    Your video made it all look so easy.

  5. Loren Sabadello

    What is the difference between resin and epoxy? Are there different types of resin?

  6. Juan M Cruz Aponte

    I'll like to learn more about Epoxy

  7. Harold

    I'd like to learn more about epoxy

  8. Customer Service

    Hello Mary, Thank you for the great question! I would suggest that you start by taking this class: That will help you size your material requirements, and be much better prepared for success on your projects. Paul Woodworkers Guild of America

  9. Rick

    I have made several tables in the past without problems. On a recent table whick was large with pictures on it I had several problems. Some of the photos faded and areas of the resin did not completely harden and the affected areas got worse after being in a warm cabin for the summer. Any suggestions? Thank you

  10. Donnie Walters

    would like to learn more about it