Jess Crow

Getting Started with Resin - Ocean Wave Bench

Jess Crow
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Duration:   2  mins

Take a seat on the beach with this Ocean Wave Bench. Using Epoxy and color blending, we will make a piece of functional art that is sure to have your guests wondering how you did it. Easy enough to do on a weekend!

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6 Responses to “Getting Started with Resin - Ocean Wave Bench”

  1. David

    What is the source for the metal legs for the Ocean Wave bench? Thanks for your help David

  2. erwin

    complete waste of time as all you do is show pictures and play music and tell nothing of what to do

  3. cody stelly

    What creates the "cells" in the white ? is it just the pouring over the clear or the misting of the 99% alcohol ? Thanks

  4. Joseph Muhs

    Wish it was a longer video with explanations of what each step was. Being new to epoxy this video was confusing. It assumes a knowledge of how to mix, color and pot epoxy plus how to use the heat gun. Not al ll an introduction to epoxy

  5. Robert Swisher

    Please forward instructions for Ocean Wave

  6. Robert Swisher

    Please sent instructions for Ocean Bench

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