Getting Started with Resin – Surfside Charcuterie Board

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Duration: 1:18

Ride the epoxy wave! This popular technique uses epoxy and a magic, everyday ingredient to create waves in the epoxy. Give the gift of a day at the beach with this tutorial.

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6 Responses to “Getting Started with Resin – Surfside Charcuterie Board”

  1. Richard Hoffer

    Hey Jess, how do you ensure/make the the added surfside level with the rest of the Charcuterie board?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Jess, Here is what our experts had to say:

      I typically do not make the epoxy portion level with the board. I find the added height adds an interesting textural component to the design. That being said you can do a flood coat with clear to make it level overall.

      If you have any other questions please let us know.


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  2. Jeffrey Greenberg

    Jess: Loved your quick project. Great accent for a simple wood piece. I have been told that epoxy resin especially resin that has been dyed is not food safe or food recommended. Is that true?
    Jeff Greenberg

    • Customer Service

      Hello Jeff!

      Assuming you are using a food contact safe epoxy like TotalBoat Table Top or MakerPoxy to start with is important. To answer your question shortly: yes, this is true. To elaborate on that this is why– when you add anything to epoxy you negate the manufacturers stated datasheet. How you get around this is by doing a flood coat of straight epoxy. Now, you can add 100% labeled food safe colorants to your epoxy, but you are still outside the manufacturer’s datasheet and they cannot be held responsible for any unwanted reactions that may happen due to that. It is always best to do a flood coat with the epoxy completely unaltered to ensure you are offering and/or using the epoxy per the manufacturer’s directions.

      Warm regards,

  3. David Anderson

    Hi Jess,
    I love your work accenting wood.
    Could you please let me know what is the liquid in the spray bottle please and is it available from Total Boat
    All the best and thanks

    • Customer Service

      Hello David!

      Thank you! The spray in the bottle is 91% isopropyl alcohol (available at your local grocery store.) Only spray once or twice, and make sure you’ve got a spray bottle with a fine mist setting!

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