Jess Crow

Getting Started with Resin - Alaskan River Coffee Table

Jess Crow
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Duration:   2  mins

Have you ever wanted to float a river in Alaska? Using cost-effective methods, we will make a coffee table that resembles popular epoxy tables that emulate Rivers at 1/3 of the cost!

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Learn the Fundamentals of Epoxy in Woodworking in this class.

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3 Responses to “Getting Started with Resin - Alaskan River Coffee Table”

  1. Ruebin Thrasher

    Love it

  2. stileandrail

    How do you keep it level with the top. You answer that "yes you do" to the question do you sand epoxy. Your answer is pretty weak. Sand it with what? Every time I've sanded epoxy it blurred the finish. I'm trying to do a project that will be painted. Do I carve the letters in first, sand the epoxy then paint/poly the project or the reverse? Will pain/poly stick to the poly? All your project are over the top for most of us. All I want to do fill in some knots/crack so they are level and clean with some color added, to the surface. Is there a class on the simpler things we may want to do?

  3. Joseph Muhs

    Do you sand the epoxy?

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