6 Woodworking Projects for the Garden

woodworking projects for the garden

Whether you’re planting vegetables, flowers, or shrubs, there’s a good chance your garden could be improved with some custom woodworking projects. Or maybe you’re looking for a gift for the gardener in your life? Either way, WWGOA has a variety of useful woodworking ideas for you to build for your garden this season.

Standing Planter Box

standing planter box

The standing planter box is helpful in many ways. First, it’s great for holding plants you may want quicker access to, like herbs, fresh vegetables, or decorative flowers. Second, the standing planter is ideal for gardeners who may have back problems. You won’t have to bend down to tend to your plants, because they’ll be at waist level. Lastly, this particular design is built out of cedar, so it is bug resistant!

Find the project here: Standing Planter Box

Hummingbird Feeder

hummingbird feeder
This is a great lathe project, and it will help attract some very beautiful birds into your garden. A hole bored through the center of the feeder holds a nectar tube. Additionally, this project teaches some great turning techniques, such as making a jam chuck in order to mount the turning.

Find the project here: Make a Hummingbird Feeder

Potting Bench

potting bench

Here’s a project to get your gardening tools organized. Not only is this a handy work space for potting your plants, but it also features a hutch above for tools and seeds. Underneath, there is a variety of shelving space, and a large compartment for bulkier items like potting soil or fertilizer. You’ll be able to keep all your supplies in one place while you work!

Find the plans here: Potting Bench Plans

Garden Dibble

garden dibble

Yet another great project for the lathe. A dibble is a tool used to help determine planting depth, or for creating holes for bulbs and seeds. This project is quick and useful, and will make the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to mark out consistent depth lines, and make the line pop.

Find the project here: Make a Garden Dibble

Bench Planters

garden bench planters

These sturdy bench planters are a great addition to any patio, deck, or garden. They’ll help customize your backyard landscaping and increase your seating area at the same time. Here, we’ve got plans for both a single unit and a versatile modular unit as well.

Find the plans here: A Pair of Planters

Cedar Birdhouse


Birdhouses are an eye-catching and useful project to add to any garden. This house is for tree swallows, which are a great species to invite into your yard because they love eating mosquitoes! You can easily build this nice home with a single 1 x 6 x 8’ cedar board , and it’ll be a great project to involve your kids in.

Find the project here: How to Build a Birdhouse

With these woodworking ideas you’re well on your way to outfitting your garden and backyard with a wide array of custom woodworking projects. What’s your favorite project for the yard or garden? Let us know in the comments.

woodworking projects for the home
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  1. Paul Gardner

    I’m disappointed that premium members are still charged for watching videos such as the picnic table.

  2. cbmenhorn

    I’m looking for plans for a small windmill and/or a small well for landscaping design.

    • Customer Service

      Thanks for checking with us. Unfortunately, we do not have anything like that. Best of luck.

      Thank you!
      Woodworkers Guild of America

    • Customer Service

      Thanks for checking with us. Unfortunately we do not have anything like that. Best of luck.

  3. Brian

    Anyone know where to get plans to build a 4’ x 4’ cold frames using Corrugated Polycarbonate Plastic Roof Panels and includes automatic venting to avoid baking the plants during sunny days?

  4. Eileen Cusick

    Do you have the instruction plans to build a Flag stand display case. I want the written instructions.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Eileen!

      The only two videos we have about the Flag Display are linked below:



      As for written instructions, he does not currently have those drawn up.

      Thank you!

      Woodworkers Guild of America Video Membership

  5. Paul Hart

    Thank you for looking after the beginners as well as the experts! Kind regards; Paul Hart.

  6. Rodney Melville

    Greetings from Au. Many thanks for your garden projects! A while ago I purchased the plan and video of the standing planter box. What a hit! many friends and my children all wanted one. Unfortunately a big problem here with Termites so had to choose a hardwood for construction. My family are all tall and this great planter is wonderful for back issues as we are getting older. Thank you once again George for your videos. All plans I get have to be converted to Metric – but thats ok. Next will be the potting bench! Best regards, Rod. Eaton Western Australia.

  7. Eric Parker

    Thanks, author for your helpful article.

    I’m very inspired to use standing planter box from your article. Actually, my grandmother has back problems but her hobby is gardening and it hurts her. So, It may help her a lot.