Joni Van Dusartz

WWGOA LIVE! April 2016

Joni Van Dusartz
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

We had a guest for this session: Joni Van Dusartz. Joni has been woodworking for over 20 years, including running a commercial cabinet shop. From CNC to finishing, Joni has a lot of woodworking experience. She brought along some of her intarsia for “show and tell,” which lead to some great questions.

:24 Intro of Joni and her intarsia

3:16 George’s jigs
4:08 Bandsaw resawing/carbide blades? More on resawing

5:26 Benchtop planers/importance of variable speed

6:40 Z zeroing problems on a benchtop CNC

8:12 Pitch on table saw blades

9:18 Step by step for kitchen cabinets General info on cabinetmaking Kitchen Cabinets DVDs

10:56 Joni’s tips on staining wood

12:26 Coiling a bandsaw blade Video on coiling Bruce Kieffer’s coiling technique

16:06 Bat house How to Build a Bat House

15:50 Removing paint from wood

17:05 Prevent chipping when drilling with a forstner
18:26 Joni’s go-to blade for scroll saw work More help on choosing the right scroll saw blade

20:00 Staining wood through and through

21:20 Setting up a mortiser More mortiser info Setting the auger General set up Correct cutting technique

27:17 Intarsia patterns

27:58 Intarsia for beginners

29:13 Drawing your own intarsia patterns

29:51 Scroll saw or bandsaw for intarsia?

31:26 Sequence of intarsia cuts

31:56 Lathe chisel selection Choosing a Starter Set of Lathe Chisels Carbide lathe chisel in action

35:40 Sharpening Check out the variety of sharpening techniques on

37:20 Fastening intarsia patterns to the material Joni’s video on fastening patterns

38:39 Horizontal vs vertical panel raisers Choosing a panel raiser

40:30 Cutting a straight line on a scroll saw

42:18 Preventing expansion and contraction in solid wood

43:25 Starting out with SketchUp Check out the WWGOA SketchUp Class

45:12 Woodburning or staining intarsia pieces

46:35 SawStop brakes Watch our video on how to change a SawStop brake

48:13 Dust free finishing Here’s a tip on keeping your finish dust free

50:06 How long did Joni’s wolf take to make?

50:38 Protecting tools from rust

52:30 Tensioning scroll saw blades

54:52 CNC parts Here are some samples of what a CNC machine can do

56:40 Taper jig on the table saw Tapered cuts using a pattern Shop-made taper jig Using a commercial taper jig

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