Your 5 Favorite Videos from 2021

We always love to know what our members enjoy most from Woodworkers Guild of America, so we took a look at our most popular woodworking projects, how-to videos, and tips over the past year. Here are your top five favorites from Woodworkers Guild of America in 2021!

1. Jointer vs. Planer

Those who are just beginning their woodworking journey often find themselves asking what the difference is between a jointer and a planer. This video has been a favorite when it comes to learning about the difference between these two essential woodworking tools. Watch video now!

2. Common Measuring Mistakes

We all know how the phrase goes. “Measure once, cuss twice.” Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way, but with this handy video, you can learn some of the most common measuring mistakes to avoid and spare yourself a headache. Watch video now!

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3. Instant Drawer Project

Drawers don’t have to be complicated, but they do have to be sturdy enough to take a beating. This top video tutorial shows you how to build simple drawers in a snap that will stand the test of time. Watch video now!

4. Corning Prevention

When you’ve put hours of work into a project, there’s nothing worse than something going wrong when you’re finally near the finishing stage. Corning is a common issue that can be annoying to deal with. In this video, you can learn how to prevent it for a smooth finish (pun intended). Watch video now!

5. Cutting Rabbets on a Table Saw

Cutting rabbets may seem like something that requires special tools like a dado head or a router, but it can actually be quite simple! This handy how-to video shows you a useful hack for cutting rabbets using just your table saw and a few tricks of the trade. Watch video now!

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8 Responses to “Your 5 Favorite Videos from 2021”

  1. GREG

    Great stuff - thanks.

  2. Hyrum Weller

    Thanks George, You’re a very good teacher. I enjoy your videos!

  3. Chris Ruffolo

    You're a great teacher, George. There is such a natural ease and confidence in your style, and, most importantly, your instruction is so easy to understand and follow. Thank you!

  4. Ken

    Always good to get refresher video tips. Thanks, George. The measuring video reminded me about building countertops at Habitat house. Counter was "L" shaped, so I needed to measure for the wall to end of counter. I read 85" on my tape. That seemed to be too big, so I re-measured and got 58". Now I have a lefty-righty tape measure, so I don't read the numbers upside down.

  5. Spiros Melemis

    Well done, Thanks

  6. Dave Kearney

    very interesting

  7. Rob Lanoue

    Excellent information and good reminders!

  8. James Miller

    love to here george teach