WWGOA LIVE! April 2018

Tonight may have seen a record number of questions answered! Thanks for watching, and submitting such great woodworking questions.

:45 Sharpen and use a scraper
8:20 What to do with sawdust
11:00 Setting jointer knives
14:57 Turning birds eye maple
15:35 CNC machine recommendation
17:39 Chip carving
18:40 Finish for poplar outdoor furniture
19:20 Home center plywood
21:32 Getting good cuts from a jig saw; Down cutting jig saw blades
28:55 Best glue for bent laminations
30:50 Spraying paint; airless or HVLP Floetrol
32:31 Filling dimples in cherry; Timbermate cherry filler
34:00 Working with green treated lumber
35:16 Hand held router info
36:40 George rough looking hands 😊
36:55 How do you know planer knives are dull?
38:34 Levelling end grain cutting boards; Infinity Dado and Planer bit
Check this video: Flattening Large Wood Slabs with a Router
42:40 Fence position on a vertical panel raiser
44:00 Jointer or planer?
45:20 HVLP compressor or turbine?
47:20 Help on building tables
48:09 Good countersinks
48:57 RPM for router bits
50:36 Logs to lumber on a bandsaw. Check this video: Cutting a Log on a Bandsaw
54:37 Selling tools
55:00 Levelling slabs
57:00 Preventing rust on tools
58:04 Banding solid wood four sides
59:50 Turned plugs out of round
1:01 Joinery for cabinets
1:02:13 Face jointing material wider than your jointer

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130 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! April 2018”

  1. Thomas

    I am currently a premium member. Can you explain the difference between the different memberships?

  2. Stan Howe

    unfortunately i found out about tonights live event when i came out of my woodshop at 8:45 (Est) and checked my email. only caught the last 15 min. I would have needed to realize way ahead of time, as I had 2 coats of finish planned to put on tonight after work at about 2hrs per coat, plus 2hr wait in between.

  3. Bruce

    Hi from Newfoundland Canada. I heard about this from an email notification. great tips

  4. Jim

    I receive daily emails from WWGOA and I get notice of the WWGOA Live in an email on the night of the transmission. I would appreciate a reminder of couple of days in advance so that I don’t miss the show.
    Jim – Mooresville, NC

  5. Kathy Jackson

    I received an email telling me you would be live. Hi from Saskatchewan Canada.

  6. Don Martin

    Hello from Dayton, Ohio I received an e-mail from WWGOA for this live. Thanks

  7. Mark

    Did you know Snappy tools are made by one family. The employees are members of the same immediate cult. They are great!

  8. Glen Malmgren

    Signed up for your newsletter about a year ago and you send me notices of when you are going live.

  9. JOHN

    Was looking for woodworking videos, saw your site, WWGOA, joined, re-upped to the Gold member, and love it, thanks. I will let the garbage man have my sawdust

  10. Walter Dotson

    got the heads up on you live show on my email…
    Love your shows… thanks

  11. Elizabeth Mueller

    Got email link from wagon. Great job! this is my first one and I am learning so much.

  12. Stephen

    Building a bathroom vanity using quarter sawn walnut. My question is what would be the best finish for the wood in this type of moist environment?

  13. John

    Do you have plans for a Classic Lutyene Garden Bench 79x20x40 and a garden teak lovers chair similar to what Arthur Lauer sold

  14. Erol

    Howdy from Belgium.
    What is the best joint for cabinets?
    Workshops and home use. Thanks

  15. BRUCE

    Starting woodworking and want to know which would be best to buy first. A planer or jointer

  16. trapshooter

    Darwin ask, The friction plugs are for turning wood for salt and pepper mills. The procedure is to drill the hole first for the grinder mechanism then use a friction plug to mount the block on the lathe to turn the shape you want. I hope this makes sense.

  17. HOWARD


  18. Michael

    I found out about the live event via a WWGOA email… hi from Chandler, Arizona

  19. Conor

    Hi George. Belmont CA here. What is your favorite finish for cherry furniture with lots of joints. Do not have a sprayer.

  20. Roger muller

    Sawdust and shavings are not fertilizers. THey require so much nitrogen for the bacterial growth necessary to breakk them down that soil nitrogen levels are depleted. The same applies for bark mulch, but at least it looks nice

  21. Mark Teets

    I framed out my oak tabletop with oak 1x2s and the corners have started to pull away from the table. Any suggestions?

  22. Mark

    Want to join the video membership____any specials less than $40….or would you consider sending me a coupon code please? Also…..what is the best protection to put on tools for storage in my tool chest? From Maryland…..weather gets seasonal….. Also…if I start a wood shop….wood it be alright in garage…or for tool protection and rust….better in an area of unfinished basement?

  23. aj moses

    I use Titebond III for bent-shaft canoe paddles – it is a 5 layer glued-up curve – about 14 degrees.

  24. Gary B. Jones

    Do they make a combination up cut/downcut blades for jig saws like they do for scroll saws?


    I have some old 2″ x 60″x 10″ wide walnut which is twisted and warped, what procedure would you use to salvage as much of it as possible, I have everything but a jointer, thanks.

  26. Mark

    From Maryland…..will there be a re-broadcast of this ….missed a bit at the beginning and want to take notes on some of what has been said? Please and thank you…

  27. Ian Pinnock

    Hi George had an email sent and direct link to your broadcast. I am in Poole in the UK and enjoy your shows .

  28. Tom Bloss

    For sawdust removal I use my Green bin, local pickup for yard waste (grass clippings, tree limbs, etc).
    As you said, do not include any man made sawdust, only natural.

  29. Michael Tyler

    I receive email notifications that announce the Live Events. I do my best to attend as often as possible. It’s always interesting and fun!

  30. Russell

    Been a member of WWGOA for a couple years and try to watch live when I can but frequently pull up past versions and look up items I am interested in.

  31. Mark

    Heard about the broadcast from Wood Mag…..wanted to know if you will have any membership specials pertaining to related costs and so on? Would so love to join WWGOA…..but have limited income.

  32. Chris

    Chris – Sydney Australia – got your invite by email. First time live – thanks and one of my favourite channels. (Wood Porn for me).

  33. Dan

    From Albuquerque….. any hints on cutting logs into boards on a bandsaw. I tried some white oak but it was difficult to say the least.

  34. Dan

    As a Shopsmith owner with the Pro head that can do 10000 rpm, do you think that is high enough RPM for routing?

  35. Christopher

    Follow up on plywood. I’ve contacted all my hardwood suppliers, none of them supply sheet goods. All of them don’t know where to get any good plywood.

  36. Mark

    So enjoying this discussion and Q&A…..would you please recommend a good set of countersinks for screws and so on?

  37. Thomas

    Hey George, just wanted to send a thank you out to your self for the revised interest that I have in woodworking. Are used to do workshop back in the day when it was available in school. Many many years ago. Just started to work on some family bed frames. And working my way into some dining room tables. Any advice on construction of the dining room table frame would be helpful thank you

  38. Scott Kopper

    I’m going to be building a large kitchen of raised panel doors. I want to spray the clear finish coat. I have an 80 gallon compressor already. Is there adequate spray equipment for a large compressor available, vs a turbine? Online people claim turbine is better, but I see no difference with a large compressor handy already.

  39. John

    You had a video recently on vertical raised panel router bit on the last pass do you need to adjust the out feed fence so that both sides are even with the bearing

  40. Claude Jay

    What’s the easiest way to sand an end grain cutting board if you don’t have a drum sander?

  41. Gary Coyne
    Gary Coyne

    To John,

    I’ve sent out notices to neighbors that if they want free sawdust, let me know. I use almost exclusively white oak and occasional hard maple so no toxicity issue. I had it to them in yard trash bags. Got rid of two today in fact.

  42. Gary

    John, my dad used to save his dust and shavings in drums for a local farmer who used them in his chicken coops.

  43. trapshooter

    Friction plugs to turn a project on the lathe. I can’t seem to get the plugs true so the turning runs straight and true.

  44. Thomas

    Good evening George, this is Tom, I am down south in holiday Florida. Just wanted to wish you a Pleasant evening. And hope to see some new videos concerning usage of the routers.

  45. dave

    I will soon be in possession of some green treated timbers that are about 20 years old. Is there anythingI need to be aware of while working with the timbers

  46. Timothy

    Making a desktop using cherry wood. After flattening & sanding it I have a couple of be-bee size voids in the surface. Don’t want to remove any more material. How can I fill these voids in a manner that doesn’t detract from the appearance of the top. Finish will be shellac.

  47. bruceburen

    checking in from Iowa! Thanks for answering my cabinet questions on Instagram today!

    • Larry

      I’m going to build kitchen cabinets and they will be painted white. I hear conflicting recommendations regarding the use of either an airless spray like a Wagner versus HVLP. Which option do you recommend?

  48. Dan Butler

    Good question on how to dispose of sawdust. I am not sure just dumping it out in the open is ok.

  49. Christopher

    Hi George. I’m just starting to get into woodworking and I’m having a hard time finding high quality sheet goods in my area. The best I have readily available that won’t cost a lot for shipping is what I can find at Home Depot, basically thin veneer, low ply count (3 layers in 1/2″, 5 layers 3/4″). What are the risks of building projects with this?

  50. Glenn

    I just recently built an Adirondack chair out of Poplar. It looks really nice and I would like to keep it natural. What type of finish should I put on a poplar chair that will spend its life outdoors?

    Glenn from Tracy, CA

  51. James Koehn

    This has to do with turning . I would like to buy a CNC Machine to cut out say Mug handles . With out spending a arm and a leg yet not junk .. have any suggestions?

  52. Russell

    I am going to turn some birdseye maple on my lathe to make fishing rod handles. Any special tips on handling this type wood. My client is providing wood from his mill and is concerned whether the markings in the wood will break loose or pop out in turning. You’ve seen some of my other work but I just have not used birdseye yet. Thanks.

  53. Bryn

    I’m having real difficulty setting the knives on my jointer. Do you have tips to make the process quicker and easier.

  54. JOHN

    What do you, and others, do with their saw dust collected in their shops? Is there a remocal service or does it become fertilizer?

  55. Digin Bones

    TIP ! Sometimes, we all fight with “Double Sided Tape”
    I found to unroll the tape a little past the length needed, and before you cut the tape into. Peal the film past your measured length, leaving 1 /2” of the film (Tail) intact to cover the cut end. Use painters tape to cover the tape roll to prevent saw dust from getting under the cut edge of the film & the cut edge of the tape.
    The next time you need double sided tape there is no frustration and or wasted tape.
    Brighton, Colorado

  56. Eddy Vercelli

    Looking forward to the live show. I’d like to see how to correctly use a scraper and how to sharpen it.