In the Shop: Turning Bowls

turned wooden bowls

I have dabbled a bit with woodturning over the years, but in the past 6 months I added a nice new lathe to my shop and really got into it. I’ve now turned over 40 bowls, mostly green but a few dry ones as well. I’m learning a lot about bowl gouge technique, sharpening, proper drying of bowls, how to repair defects, how to spot a good bowl blank, and a variety of other aspects to turning that I hadn’t previously considered. I believe I still have a lot more learning ahead than behind me, but for now I’m absolutely loving this pursuit of a new aspect to woodworking. Here are a few videos I’ve found helpful:

Using a Bowl Gouge: Bowl Interior
Turning a Bowl Made from Crotch Wood
How to Cut Bowl Blanks from Logs

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3 Responses to “In the Shop: Turning Bowls”

  1. Ken

    On the video "Turn a bowl from crotch wood", George cut 2 sides of the crotch before cutting the log to round on the band saw. What is the benefit, if any for cutting the 2 sides rather than just rounding the log and then putting it on the lathe? Thanks, Ken

  2. maclay101

    I love turning bowls, the bigger the better but some times I encounter a hole in the wood . What should I use to fill these holes , something that won't blunt my tools and still be sanded and stained . I am only a learner at this so any INFO would a great help .

  3. kensair

    Video was great but unable to get any audio.