Getting Started with Woodworking

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24 Responses to “Getting Started with Woodworking”

  1. tom rosenberger

    Watch your fingers!

  2. John Gunter

    Already a WWGOA member, beginner

  3. Dennis Smitj

    Interested in wood lathe turnning. (Beginner)

  4. Jim Young

    In my life I have built a two storied home and two 20 foot sailing boats, double diagonal strip plank style. I'm now semi retired and keen to learn some more skills.

  5. Bob Haggard

    Didn't do any woodworking before I retired. Now I can't get enough. Woodshop is Mostly used/older stuff (read "cheaper"). Still learning and experimenting.

  6. ROBERT Crowe

    Enjoy all of the U Tube traiing video's

  7. lester wallis

    i have done custom wood work for over 55 years but i still love to watch other people and how they do things because i don't care how or how good you are you can always learn something from others thank you for allowing me to join your grope

  8. Tara

    We have several downed walnut logs we are taking to mill to cut in slabs custom widths for your projects

  9. Austin

    Table saw jigs

  10. John Peters

    Will help me as I design a new workshop!