Getting Started with Woodworking

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29 Responses to “Getting Started with Woodworking”

  1. Jim Young

    In my life I have built a two storied home and two 20 foot sailing boats, double diagonal strip plank style. I’m now semi retired and keen to learn some more skills.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Jim,

      This is the place to keep up on your woodworking skills. Enjoy.


  2. Bob Haggard

    Didn’t do any woodworking before I retired. Now I can’t get enough. Woodshop is Mostly used/older stuff (read “cheaper”). Still learning and experimenting.

  3. lester wallis

    i have done custom wood work for over 55 years but i still love to watch other people and how they do things because i don’t care how or how good you are you can always learn something from others thank you for allowing me to join your grope

  4. Tara

    We have several downed walnut logs we are taking to mill to cut in slabs custom widths for your projects

  5. Dane Brenno

    No web site but avid wood worker. Still, we all can learn from each other. I want tips to learn from the best in the business. Interested in your recommendation’s for a sod lathe.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Dane,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      I’m assuming that you are referring to a wood lathe.
      Here are a few lathe options at various price ranges:

      Midi lathe: These are great for turning spindles and smaller bowls, mainly used by hobbyist woodworkers. There are several good options in this category these days. Here are a couple suggestions:

      Jet 1221VS:

      Laguna Revo 1216:

      Mid size: Here you step up to larger motors and greater capacity for turning more efficiently, and larger pieces.

      Laguna Revo 1836 (This is the one that George uses the most):

      Powermatic 2014:

      Production: For professional turners who require larger capacity and power, these lathes are good options:

      Powermatic 4224B:

      Laguna Revo 2436:

      If you have any other questions, please chat, email, or call Customer Service. 


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  6. Monte Bowen Reeder

    I am excited to see what all this site has to offer. I love building all kinds of things. I finished building my grandchildren a tree house and built my wife her covered deck so looking to get into another project lol

  7. Steve

    I appreciate the layout recommendations for tool triangles and the storage. I notice you stick your stored lumber. I have not done that, although I do my cut to size pieces. Does it make a difference at the “raw” stage?

    • Customer Service

      It helps to maintain equilibrium through seasonal changes so the lumber is always ready to use. It’s not critical however.

  8. James Brodd

    This is a must read for beginners to advanced woodworkers. Thanks for the great info!