From Scraps to Projects

Thanks for signing up for From Scraps to Projects: 5 Ways to Use Your Extra Scrap Wood. Click any of the thumbnails below to watch the project videos.

Wine Glass Caddy
Candle Holder
Coffee Filter Holder

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56 Responses to “From Scraps to Projects”

  1. Berger

    Gives me something to do when nothing is in the works. Friends like the things I give them. Keeps me busy!!

  2. Fred

    Thanks for the offer.

  3. Randall

    Thanks for the patterns I have a lot of little scraps I can use

  4. Mark Fryet

    Looking forward to receiving the plans.

  5. John Wright


  6. John Narion

    I like your emails and tips for woodworking, keep the emails coming!! Awesome work!!

  7. Floyd

    I need ideas I have lots of scrap wood

  8. Keith Macfarlane

    I am a hobbyist woodworker, but very much a novice

  9. Ricky J Felts

    Like your E-Mail

  10. Amy Hernandez