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George, I have the same system throughout my workshop, garage, and Shed, (from the George’s Solid Wood Storage video) but I put 3/4 ply down for more consistent support. Do you think the ply was a good or bad idea?

Submitted by Tim K.


No, no problem adding a plywood deck. In fact an advantage to your approach is that you can store shorter pieces. You don’t have to worry about them spanning from one support to the next.


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5 Responses to “Ask WWGOA: George’s Solid Wood Storage”

  1. Mark Casstevebs

    Disappointed to try Elisha's popsicle stick cutting board...Michael's were not color throughout the slightest bit of sanding as she suggested went to raw wood. Her pictures of the 45 cut shows color throughout. Will try another design.

  2. Pat Aiello

    My shop is only 14' X 28' so I would like to incorporate a bench, (such as the one that we see on your monthly stream), as an out feed from my table saw. Does WWGOA have plans for that particular bench?

  3. Steve O'Donnell

    When using the bandsaw with a 4 TPI blade, cutting 1 1/2" thick hickory, there is always burning on the wood. Any suggestions to prevent the burning of the hickory? Burning is not a problem with Oak & other woods.

  4. Benjamin Brattin Sr

    What advice would you suggest for one who is just starting out in their own shop using reclaimed pallet wood to start with?

  5. Eric hansen

    I heard Titebond glue has a useful life of 2 years. I have used Titebond that is... maybe... 10 years old. Are my projects in danger of falling apart? (I have since bought new glue!!!)