David Munkittrick

Cabriole Legs: How To Build A Classic

David Munkittrick
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Cabriole Legs: How To Build A Classic
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Meet your instructor, professional woodworker and author Dave Munkittrick. Find out what makes a cabriole leg unique and discover the hand tools you’ll need to complete your own Queen Anne style leg including: - A cabinetmaker’s rasp - A spoke shave - Velcro sanding pad You’ll also be introduced to the 2-dimensional key that unlocks the mystery of making the 3-dimensional cabriole leg.
See how easy it is to make the cabriole leg template. - Template stock selection - Rules of thumb guide you through the layout of key cabriole leg elements; foot, pad, toe height, ankle, knee, and apron block - How to free-hand draw the curves without worry.
Dave shows you how to select the best stock for your leg blank. See how important proper grain orientation (rift sawn versus plain sawn stock) is in producing the best looking cabriole leg. Dave also covers how to transfer the template to the leg blank and add a couple “bridges” for support on the bandsaw.
Dave walks you through the cuts on the bandsaw and provides an essential tip on keeping the layout intact after the initial cuts are made. After the bandsaw, Dave shows you how to add important guidelines on the rough sawn blank to aid in the final shaping of the cabriole leg.
Dave demonstrates the use of hand tools to do the final shaping of the leg. Starting with the pad at the bottom of the foot, you’ll see how to use a saw, a chisel, a cabinetmaker’s rasp and a spoke shave to shape the leg. The Session ends with a fun little balance test that every leg should pass.
In this final Session, you’ll see how to attach and shape the transition block. Dave shows you how to cut and mount the transition block to gracefully unite the curved cabriole leg to the flat apron for an elegant finish.
6 Lessons
55  mins

Learn the art of cabriole leg making with professional woodworker and freelance author Dave Munkittrick. Dave will show you how to design and create a Queen Anne style cabriole leg. This Class takes you on a step-by-step journey through the entire process; from initial design to the final transition block that joins the flowing curves of the cabriole leg to the flat table or apron.

Along the way you’ll learn about the power and hand tools you must have, the tools that are nice to have, and how to use them all.

The Class is full of tips and tricks that help you smoothly navigate the process of creating this iconic leg design, including:

  • How to choose the proper grain selection for your leg stock
  • Tips for successfully drawing free hand curves
  • Rules of thumb that guide you in laying out your own cabriole leg design
  • How to safely cut a curved three-dimensional object on a bandsaw
  • Sure-proof guides for successfully hand shaping the rough cut leg
  • How to cut and fit a transition block with a perfect grain match

If you’re anxious to get right to the leg making, you can skim the design and layout section and use one of the three ready-made templates included as extra material in this Class package. Simply print out the desired leg profile and transfer the shape directly to your template stock. No drawing or measuring is required.

This Class is sure to add a new dimension to your woodworking skills and capabilities.

David Munkittrick

David Munkittrick lives in western Wisconsin and has been woodworking as a professional woodworker for 25 years. His property contains an old pig barn that he retrofitted to use as a woodwork shop. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to write numerous magazine articles for various publications on woodworking and home improvement. His passion is to build furniture and cabinets and tell the world of his experiences. He is continually amazed at the breadth and depth of woodworking throughout the world we live in. He sees his job as helping others get the information they need to develop their skills, make wise buying decisions and make their woodworking endeavors a success. (Photo by Mike Krivit)

David Munkittrick

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