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New Woodworking Videos (click to view all)

  • Gluing up Leg Stock 8:28

    Gluing up Leg Stock

    George Vondriska teaches you how to glue together multiple pieces of leg stock in order to create blanks that are the proper thickness required for your specific woodworking project.... Read moreWatch Now

  • Preventing Glue Drips 5:07

    Preventing Glue Drips

    George Vondriska shows the advantages of using no-drip and no-run wood glue on your woodworking projects. With no-drip glue you can eliminate the messes some wood glues create during... Read moreWatch Now

  • Planing Furniture Legs 7:48

    Planing Furniture Legs

    George Vondriska walks you through the step-by-step process for planing furniture legs. He demonstrates the essential woodworking techniques that you’ll utilize on the planer, including marking your uncut legs... Read moreWatch Now