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New Woodworking Videos (click to view all)

  • Preventing Glue Drips 5:07

    Preventing Glue Drips

    George Vondriska shows the advantages of using no-drip and no-run wood glue on your woodworking projects. With no-drip glue you can eliminate the messes some wood glues create during... Read moreWatch Now

  • Planing Furniture Legs 7:48

    Planing Furniture Legs

    George Vondriska walks you through the step-by-step process for planing furniture legs. He demonstrates the essential woodworking techniques that you’ll utilize on the planer, including marking your uncut legs... Read moreWatch Now

  • Ripping Furniture Legs 3:01

    Ripping Furniture Legs

    George Vondriska teaches you how to rip furniture legs to size on a table saw. He demonstrates the proper technique, which involves doing one pass through with the full... Read moreWatch Now