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  • Porter Cable Dovetail Jig: Cutting Through Dovetails

    Learn how to set up for through dovetails using a Porter Cable dovetail jig. This is part two in a three- part series that will prepare you to successfully execute this joint every time. Part one covered the initial setup of the jig, and this video provides detailed instruction on how to cut the tail… Read more »

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  • Porter Cable Dovetail Jig: Set up For Through Dovetails

    Learn how to set up for through dovetails using a Porter Cable dovetail jig for joining in your woodworking shop. Dovetails are widely viewed as a hallmark of craftsmanship, and a durable form of joinery that many view as a pinnacle of woodworking techniques. Using a Router to Make it Easy While some craftsmen cut… Read more »

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  • 007733f_d1e22u_c

    It’s always cool to make projects that improve your shop. And it’s really cool, and fun, to make your own tools for your shop. In this video we teach you to make a wooden try square. Not only is it functional when it’s complete, it also looks great. The project calls for small pieces of… Read more »

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  • 007734f_d1e23u_c

    In the second, and final, part of this project series you’ll learn how to assemble the blade and handle so they’re perfectly square. This requires a shop-made assembly block, and glue with a longer open time, to make sure everything is perfect and the square is reliable. Once the blade and handle are assembled, we’ll… Read more »

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  • Woodworking Tips - How to Avoid Damaging Wood when Hand Nailing

    Most of us might use pneumatic nailers, but every once in a while you’ve got to hand nail something. The danger with this is the possibility of hitting your project, instead of the nail. And hammer kisses aren’t all that attractive. Here’s a dirt simple, dirt cheap way to make certain that you won’t mar… Read more »

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  • Learn the Difference Between Dados and Grooves

    Just in case you ever get involved in a woodworking trivia contest, here’s the question of the day. What’s the difference between a dado and a groove? Or, you might ask, is there a difference at all? The answer is yes, there is a difference. You can find out what it is right here so… Read more »

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  • How to Use a Handsaw to Make Accurate Crosscuts

    Crosscutting dead straight with a hand saw can be challenging, even for seasoned hand tool users. It takes a lot of muscle memory to do this accurately and correctly, unless you know a trick or two. No complex jigs, no steep learning curve. This video will have you hand cutting dead straight lines in no… Read more »

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  • Pull Saw Vs. Push Saw

    If you’ve looked closely at handsaws you’ve probalby noticed a difference in teeth. Some point toward the handle, some point away. This means that some cut on the pull stroke, some on the push stroke. We’re talking about Japanese saws versus Western saws. They both cut wood, but they each do it very differently. One… Read more »

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  • Standard & Low Angle Block Plane Overview

    Looking for buying advice on hand planes? This is for you, helping you determine if a standard angle or low angle block plane is best for you and your projects. Which is easier to push through the material? Which provides less chance of tear out? Which is best for cutting parallel to the grain? Across… Read more »

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