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Check out our wide variety of woodworking videos featuring everything from woodworking tips and techniques to projects for your shop or home. You can watch hundreds of videos for free or join now to gain access to over 200 high-quality premium videos for just $4.99/month.

  • Planer Safety Tips 12:38

    Planer Safety Tips

    Planers can do so much for you, they’re pretty high on the must-have list of standard shop tools. But they’re machines that are full of horse power and have... Read more

  • Using a Drill Press for Your Bandsaw Outfeed Table 1:07

    Using a Drill Press for Your Bandsaw Outfeed Table

    The problem with providing outfeed support for a bandsaw is that the table is so darn high. Most standard roller stands and supports won’t extend enough to get to... Read more

  • Drill Press Safety Tips 7:17

    Drill Press Safety

    They may seem benign but, like any shop tool, drill presses need to be treated with respect. Used improperly you can “helicopter” your material, burn up drill bits, launch... Read more

  • "Make Your Own Bandsaw Fence 3:32

    Miter Gauge Bandsaw Fence

    Here’s a great solution if you’ve been struggling with a resaw fence for your bandsaw. The solution for this problem is probably already in your shop and in this... Read more

  • How to Use a Bandsaw and Bandsaw Safety 18:18

    Bandsaw Safety

    Gruesome, but true; butcher shops use bandsaws to cut steaks. That tells you that a bandsaw, used improperly, can do a lot of damage. We want to make sure... Read more

  • "Woodworking Hand Tools Buying Advice - Spokeshaves 5:12

    Spokeshave Buying Advice

    Once you know that a spokeshave will be in your future, you need to know what kind of spokeshave is best for you. Tom Caspar has A LOT of... Read more

  • Make Your Own Table Top Fasteners 8:23

    Shop-Made Table Top Fasteners

    When you’ve hand-crafted a beautiful piece of furniture, bringing it all together with commercial fasteners may rub you the wrong way. Instead, try these easy-to-make table top fasteners. With... Read more

  • How to Use Table Top Fasteners Properly 4:06

    Properly Using Table Top Fasteners

    Commercially made table top fasteners, what some woodworkers call Z-clips, work great for allowing seasonal movement in solid wood tops. If you don’t allow that movement, you could end... Read more

  • What is a Spokeshave? 2:09

    Spokeshave: Tools We Love

    Tom Caspar LOVES his spokeshave. It’s a tool that lends itself to creating beautiful curved lines in your work. Tom is ready to tell you why this is one... Read more

  • Meet Tom Caspar: Contributing Editor at WWGOA 2:17

    Meet Tom Caspar

    We’re happy to welcome Tom Caspar to our group of Contributing Editors. Tom comes to us with a lot of woodworking and editorial experience. He’ll be bringing that depth... Read more

  • Tips for Making Furniture - Using Table Top Fasteners 4:09

    Using Figure 8 Table Top Fasteners

    Figure 8 fasteners provide a great way to attach solid wood tops to furniture bases. This is a method that’ll help ensure the solid wood tops you’re putting on... Read more

  • How to Make Tapered Furniture Legs On a Band Saw 4:52

    Tapering Furniture Legs on a Band Saw

    Here’s a simple way to produce tapers for furniture legs. No specialized jigs required. Just a band saw equipped with the right blade, and you’re good to go. Check... Read more

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