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  • Inset Cabinet Doors: Calculating The Size | WWGOA

    Master the science of properly sizing inset cabinet doors. Of all the available door types, inset can be the most challenging to size because the tolerances are extremely finicky. Too tight and the door can stick; too loose and they don’t look right. Designing the rails and stiles so that they fit appropriately can present… Read more »

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  • Overlay Cabinet Doors: Calculating their Size | WWGOA

    Master the science of properly sizing overlay cabinet doors. Designing the rails and stiles so that they fit appropriately can present a challenge, even for the most experienced woodworker. When done right, the door becomes nicely integrated into the overall cabinet design from both a form and functional perspective. But if you calculate even one… Read more »

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  • Dovetail Joinery: Know Your Dovetails | WWGOA

    Learn to speak the language of dovetail joinery. Dovetail joinery represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship for many woodworkers, and at some point in our pursuit of the craft, most of us feel the urge to try our hand at creating these interlocking masterpieces. Before scribing the first line or making the first cut, it is… Read more »

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  • Make a Magnetic Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher | WWGOA

    If you’re looking for a woodworking project that people will love, and you can make in a HUGE hurry from scrap, this Post Haste Project is it. Grab a chunk from your scrap bin, bore a few holes, do a little routing, mount the hardware and you’ll have something really catchy. (That’ll make more sense… Read more »

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  • How to Make a Three Legged Stool: Accurate Legs | WWGOA

    Have you ever wondered how to make a three legged stool so that the leg spacing is perfectly even? As part of teaching you how to make a three legged stool, George shares a simple foolproof method for dividing a circle into three or six even increments, which gives you the fundamental skill needed for… Read more »

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  • Woodworking: The Next Generation | WWGOA

    George’s daughter, Ginny, spent her final semester of high school on a woodworking Work Study in George’s shop. George and Ginny take this opportunity to talk about what Ginny learned in this program, and what kind of woodworking skills she gained. Ginny talks about her favorite aspects of working in the shop, including learning how… Read more »

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  • Planer Snipe and Preventative Solutions | WWGOA

    Learn the secrets for dealing with snipe on a benchtop planer. Benchtop planers are a great asset to any woodworking shop. They enable us to prepare rough lumber for use in our projects, and to machine stock to a precise dimension. One common problem that can occur when running a board through a portable planer… Read more »

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  • How to Tweak Rail and Stile Router Bits | WWGOA

    Master the art of creating a perfect fit on joints created using your rail and stile router bits. For years cabinetmakers have turned to cope and stick joinery as a time-honored method for creating beautiful, long lasting frame and panel cabinet doors. By far the most widely used approach to this is to use matched… Read more »

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  • 3 Useful Raised Panel Router Bits | WWGOA

    When it comes to making raised panels for doors, it’s hard to beat the work that can be accomplished by raised panel router bits. You’ve got choices; vertical panel raiser, horizontal panel raiser, or horizontal panel raiser with back cutter. Your selection could be based on your woodworking project, or on what type of router… Read more »

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