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Check out our wide variety of woodworking videos featuring everything from woodworking tips and techniques to projects for your shop or home. You can watch hundreds of videos for free or join now to gain access to over 200 high-quality premium videos for just $4.99/month.

  • How to Make a Tapered Leg - Four Sided 2:28

    Laying Out a Four-Sided Tapered Leg

    A four-sided taper looks very delicate on a piece of furniture. Follow these lay out rules to make sure the leg looks good, but still has plenty of strength.... Read more

  • How To Make a Guitar - Part 3 of 3 10:46

    Making an Electric Guitar – Part 3

    Ginny’s guitar is done! In this wrap up video you can hear the guitar’s “voice,” see the completed instrument, and hear Ginny’s advice for aspiring young guitar builders. If... Read more

  • How to Make a Tapered Leg - Two Sided 2:48

    Laying Out a Two-Sided Tapered Leg

    When laying out two-sided tapers for furniture there are some design rules to follow to make sure the legs look nice. This videos provides what you need to know... Read more

  • HVLP Spray Gun Benefits and Review 7:26

    Benefits of an HVLP Spray Gun

    Are you mystified by HVLP spray gun systems and the multiple controls that spray guns have? We’ll walk you through the benefits that a turbine provides, and the finish... Read more

  • Power Tool Safety with the Rockler T-Track System 5:20

    Portable Power Tool Safety

    When using portable power tools it’s very important to have your work secured, and to keep your hands out of the way of the cutting tool. Here are some... Read more

  • CNC Machine Programming Tips 18:31

    CNC Machine Programming Tips

    What does it take to get an idea from inside your head to the router bit in a benchtop CNC machine? It’s not too hard, but there are some... Read more

  • Do I Need a CNC Machine in the Woodworking Shop? 12:35

    Do I Need a CNC Machine?

    CNC machines are all the rage these days. They offer a lot of capabilities, possibly leaving you wondering if you should consider one for your shop. Here’s a great... Read more

  • How To Make a Guitar - Part 2 of 2 8:25

    Making an Electric Guitar – Part 2

    Ginny’s journey in guitar building continues as she moves forward with the electric guitar she’s making for her boyfriend. Get caught up on her progress. If you haven’t seen... Read more

  • Making Your Own Sawhorse Desk - Woodworking Project 1:09:11

    Making Your Own Sawhorse Desk – Woodworking Project

    You probably already have sawhorses in the shop. How about adding them to your house? They make a very cool base for a desk. The joinery is elegantly simple.... Read more

  • 007457f_d1d101u_c 2:15

    Holiday Greeting 2014

    Things can get pretty hectic during the holiday season which may mean less time spent in the shop. We want to thank you for making time to tune in... Read more

  • 006556f_d1d55u_c 4:51

    George’s Fingertips

    You’ve probably seen George lay out woodworking projects using nothing but a pencil and his fingertip. It’s a very fast woodworking technique, and can be very accurate, too. With... Read more

  • Photography Tips for Shooting Your Woodworking Projects 1:21

    How to Photograph Projects: Introduction

    Professional photographer Layne Kennedy joined us in the shop to provide advice on taking great pics of your woodworking projects. Working with inexpensive home center lights, a smart phone,... Read more

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