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  • Woodworking Power Tools

    Whether they’re just getting started, or have been involved with woodworking for a while, many woodworkers wonder what woodworking power tools they should add to their shop. The answer to this question can be subjective, and depend on what types of woodworking projects you commonly build, but George Vondriska is ready to provide you with… Read more »

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  • how to make a box joint jig

    Box joints, also called finger joints, are a great way to join corners on a box. Not only do they add a significant amount of strength, they also look great. Especially when the joint is made from contrasting materials. The table saw, equipped with a dado head, provides a great way to make box joints,… Read more »

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  • Digital Angle Gauge

    A table saw miter gauge is a handy “must have” accessory that can be used for a variety of applications. There are a variety of ways to set this up so that it is perfectly square, and George demonstrates a couple ways to do that here. Assuming that you have mastered the basics of how… Read more »

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  • Adhesive Backed Sandpaper

    Adhesive backed sandpaper is very convenient, right up to the point where you need to take it off so you can put on a new piece of paper. The good news is that adhesive backed sandpaper sticks pretty well while you’re using it. The bad news is that it continues to stick pretty well when… Read more »

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  • Trimming Dovetails

    After assembling a dovetail joint and allowing the glue to cure, the next step will be to trim the pins and tails so that they are flush with the sides of the box. There are many ways to accomplish this task. Some woodworkers tackle this with a belt sander or random orbital sander, which can… Read more »

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  • How to use a Block Plane

    Everyone loves the look of dovetail joinery, so it makes sense to fine tune your ability to create this great joint. There are a number of important steps involved in creating the joint in your woodworking projects, but one that is commonly not given enough attention is the process of making the joint flush. After… Read more »

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  • darex work sharp

    The safest tool is a sharp tool. Lots of woodworkers cringe at the idea of sharpening their plane irons, bench chisels, lathe chisels….because they’re afraid of ruining the tool. This is where tool sharpening systems pay off. They help take the guesswork out of sharpening, and make sharpening easier. And if sharpening is easy to… Read more »

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  • Glue Up Furniture Legs

    Need large legs for your next woodworking project? In all likelihood you’ll need to glue up furniture legs in order for them to be large enough. The problem with a glue up is that two of the faces will look great, and the two adjacent faces will not. At minimum you could have a striped… Read more »

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  • Cool Workbench Ideas: Electrify Your Workbench

    Do you find yourself reaching for an extension cord every time you want to use a power tool at your workbench? And, when you’re done, coiling it back up again? Here’s one of many cool workbench ideas we’ve come up with at WoodWorkers Guild of America. It’s a very simple way to provide power to… Read more »

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