• Two men in a workshop

    Q&A with Roger Break

    Roger Break recently stopped in during one of our video shoots. It was very interesting to talk to him about his woodworking. He’s got a typical garage shop, and lots of his woodworking entails working with pallet wood. Knowing that a lot of people are interested in including pallets in their woodworking projects, we took…

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  • Two men in a workshop

    Q & A with Duane Johnson

    Duane Johnson worked for the railroad for a lot of years, and has been making wooden trains for a really long time. He enjoys making steam engines, since they’ve got more to show than diesel engines, and he’s VERY good at it. In many cases Duane doesn’t have plans, and creates his amazing models by…

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  • best finish for kitchen table

    Q&A with George: Finish for Kitchen Tables & Precise Cutting

    Al stopped in the shop recently and had a few questions for George. He was looking for help choosing the best finish for a kitchen table he’d recently completed; how to get more precise cuts; and how to best calculate angles. George provided answers for Al that might help in your shop, as well. Finishing…

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  • beginners woodworking

    Q&A With George: Beginners Woodworking

    ENJOY THIS FREE VIDEO ON BEGINNERS WOODWORKING TIPS! Every once in a while we get a visitor in the shop during a video shoot. This happened a few months ago when Greg Timmerman paid us a visit. He had some great questions about setting up his table saw, table saw blade selection, and routing dadoes…

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