George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE: June 2021

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs

We had a wonderful flurry of questions during our WWGOA LIVE event with George Vondriska. If you missed the June LIVE event, watch the full recap now to hear about table saw kickback, storing boards, pricing your work, and everything in between!

Here’s what you might have missed:

1:15 Live stream starts
2:50 Sharpen your Skills
3:50 Table saw kickback
5:50 Telegraphing from biscuits?
7:40 Prepping barn board: Mop sander
10:25 Cutting boards warped in the sun
12:10 Titebond III for all projects?
13:00 Planing wood to exact dimensions
14:00 Worksharp system
14:35 Gluing on breadboard ends
19:20 Cove cutting on the table saw
21:30 Height of a workbench
23:20 Dust collection tips
26:30 Paper joints on green wood bowl blanks?
28:00 Kitchen cabinet design question
30:00 Best way to store boards
31:50 Delta Cruzer miter saw
33:15 French cleats: April Wilkerson’s approach
36:40 Pricing work
39:30 Hollowing a vase
39:50 Bench vise location
41:10 Cabinets from 4×8 sheets?
42:40 Bandsaw blades getting dull
44:10 Plywood for shop projects
45:12 Miter saw fence and stop
47:25 Crack in breadboard end top
50:35 Growing your woodworking skills
51:20 Classes in George’s shop
52:20 Lathe faceplate size
53:10 Overlapping weld on a bandsaw blade
54:15 Bearings on a bandsaw?
55:10 File chisels to remove nicks?
56:10 Inlay
57:15 Acclimating furniture
58:20 Rabbeting before or after laminate

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