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Kreg 520 Pro vs 720 Pro

George Vondriska
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Kreg’s 520 Pro and 720 Pro are both great pocket hole jigs, but they offer different features. If you’ve been thinking…Hmm, the 520 Pro vs the 720 Pro, what gives? We’re here to help you out. This video explains the differences and commonalities between these two jigs.


Both jigs do a great job of creating pocket holes for you. One way to look at the two jigs is taking the work to the tool versus taking the tool to the work. The 520 Pro is a little more portable and fills the bill of taking the tool to the work. The 720 Pro would be wonderful to set up as a pocket hole drilling station in your shop.

The 520 Pro

The 520Pro secures your work with a pump style handle, similar to the way a caulk gun advances. This works really well. The handle rotates 360-degrees which makes it simple to secure the jig, even in awkward drilling scenarios. Very handy for work outside of the shop.

The 720 Pro

One of the coolest aspects of the 720Pro is that it auto-adjusts to your material thickness. ½” to 1-½” thick, just insert your material and clamp it. No thickness adjustment required. It includes dust collection, which works great, and a Docking Station. The Docking Station is handy if you’re creating a pocket hole drilling station in your shop.

Projects with pocket holes

From making a picture frame to building cabinets, pocket holes will find a place in many of your woodworking and DIY projects.

More info

For more info on Kreg products visit the company’s website or call (800) 447-8638.

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One Response to “Kreg 520 Pro vs 720 Pro”

  1. Jim Stoe

    Perhaps you could demo actual using the two units, while providing features of each.

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