Tips to Calibrate a Table Saw Fence

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If you rely on your table saw fence as much as I do, you’re going to love this tip. It provides a very accurate way to make sure that the cursor on your table saw fence points to a number that agrees with the size of cut you’re actually making. Yep, we’re going to help you calibrate a table saw fence.

What’s involved?

No measuring between the blade and fence with this technique. We’re going to be WAY more accurate than that. Everything is outlined in the video, but here’s the skinny. You make a cut, measure the cut, and move the cursor on your fence accordingly. In order to know how much to move the cursor, you need to measure accurately. We recommend you use digital calipers for this; the most accurate approach to calibrate a table saw fence.

How often do I have calibrate a table saw fence?

Theoretically, each blade you use may have a slightly different kerf, which means you should recalibrate every time you change blades. However, in most cases, the kerf difference is so tiny from blade to blade it’s negligible, and there’s no need to recalibrate with every blade change. If you’re not sure, do a test cut and double check with your calipers.

More about table saws

There’s more to correctly using your table saw than simply calibrating the fence. An important part of safety and good performance lies in knowing how to parallel a table saw fence. We’ve got that covered, too. Want general guidelines on safe and proper use of a table saw? No sweat. We’ve got lots more videos on how to use a table saw.

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One Response to “Tips to Calibrate a Table Saw Fence”
  1. Bobbg

    Brand new Jet table saw, installing the tape on the fence, eyeballing the position
    .0002″ first try yes I used my 6″ sterret calipers on 4″ and I hadn’t even watched this yet. I think with 7 years of machining I got things covered.


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