Man with a variety of glue bottles
Bottle of Titebond Wood GlueFlattening thin woodMan with wood working supplies

Woodworking Tricks of the Trade: Volume 8 DVD


DVD: Woodworking Tricks of the Trade: Volume 8

82 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Shop-Made Sanding Pads
  • Choose the Right Sanding Block
  • Choosing the Right Glue
  • Burp Your Bottle
  • Easy Stave Construction
  • Making a Turning Finish
  • Safe Finishing on the Lathe
  • Stair Tools for Square Cuts
  • Phone Photos for Duplicate Turnings
  • Patina for Brass
  • Use a Rule¬†Guide
  • Getting New Chisels Ready to Use
  • Replacement Drill Press Table Lock
  • Understanding Jointer Snipe
  • In-a-Pinch Zero Clearance Insert
  • Setting Jointer Knives
  • Monster Push Pads