Advanced Table Saw Techniques Class DVD


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Class DVD: Advanced Table Saw Techniques

While it’s true that a table saw excels at ripping, crosscutting and dadoes, there’s SO much more you can do on your saw. Buckle your seat belt and get ready to learn! You’re going to be amazed by the seven incredible techniques you’ll learn in this video class.

Some of the techniques require shop-made jigs, which you’ll be able to easily produce in your shop. With the jigs in hand, your instructor George Vondriska will teach you how to:

  • Use your table saw as a pattern cutter to make identical parts.
  • Cut extremely steep angles. This is a must-have skill for flag cases.
  • Make raised panels. No specialized panel raising router bit required.
  • Safely cut tapered legs and build the jig for handling them.
  • Safely rip very thin strips. Long or short pieces, our jigs have you covered.
  • Cut coves. This requires feeding material across the blade at an angle.
  • Cut circles. Yes, you can cut circles on the table saw using a simple jig.
  • Instructor: George Vondriska
    Video run-time: Over 1 hour, 30 minutes

    PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources and helpful information to supplement your class content:

  • Class Guide PDF, as reference for key elements of the class instruction
  • Class Resources PDF, for a list of tools, suppliers, and other helpful information
  • VIDEO: Meet your instructor
  • VIDEO: Hear George talk more about this class and his experience with table saw techniques
  • PLEASE NOTE: The content in this Class DVD is identical to the content available in streaming video form, which you can purchase/review separately in the WWGOA store here.

    Watch a preview of this DVD below: