Woodworking for the Kitchen 7-DVD Set




7-DVD Set: Woodworking for the Kitchen

We’ve created a special video set of some of our favorite woodworking kitchen projects. WWGOA’s master woodworker George Vondriska goes in-depth with each step, teaching you woodworking techniques you’ll need for each of these kitchen projects. From building items that are used in the kitchen, to bar stools, pie tables, kitchen cabinets and more, you’ll find it here. 706 minutes.

Kitchen Projects: Knife Block, Pizza Peel, Kitchen Tongs, Stacked Ring Bowl – 90 minutes.

Pie Table – 96 minutes.

Shaker Sideboard – 131 minutes.

Handmade Items for a Special Dinner – 104 minutes.

Make a Bar Stool – 85 minutes.

Kitchen Cabinet Construction Part 1: Case Construction – 100 minutes.<

Kitchen Cabinet Construction Part 2: Face Frames, Counter Tops, Doors & Drawers – 100 minutes.

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