The Ultimate Woodworking Book Set

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7-Book Set: The Ultimate Woodworking Collection

In this seven-book set, you will receive an abundance of information to help guide you in building beautiful creations. 1,130 pages.

From Shop to Home: Essential Projects, Tips and Techniques

Part of the attraction of woodworking is that for every project you complete, you not only add another useful shop accessory or beautiful piece of furniture to your home but also get the chance to try new techniques and hone your skills. To make this book as useful to you as possible, it’s divided into to two major sections: Essential Shop Projects and Home Classic and Accent Furniture. Whether you are still a little green to the craft or an old salt already, we know you’ll enjoy this book. Full color illustrations, technical drawings, 158 pages.

Woodworking Projects for the Garden: 40 Fun & Useful Things for Folks Who Garden

What do avid woodworkers and gardeners share? The desire to work with Mother Nature instead of against her. With a few basic woodworking tools, a steady hand and a willingness to learn, almost any of these forty attractive, useful garden accessories is well within your reach. Whether you are new to woodworking or an expert, these projects have been designed with real woodworkers and real gardeners in mind. They also make terrific gifts. Fully illustrated with plans, 144 pages.

125 Wood Clock Patterns

Woodworking is a craft that offers something for everyone, not just for people with shop-class experience or a garage stuffed with tools. If you’re looking for an opportunity to start working with wood, clock-making is a great way to start. You’ll need a modest collection of hand tools, plus a jigsaw, band saw or scroll saw. For the experienced woodworker, clocks make great gifts, there is a need for one in just about every room in the house and you get to expand into an engaging and inventive hobby. With 125 patterns, you are sure to find patterns that appeal. Full color illustrations, technical drawings, 160 pages.

The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book

Complete with band saw use and work safety, project design considerations, construction, and finishing techniques, this book is the ultimate for making wooden boxes. Band saw boxes don’t require a shop full of expensive tools, they have unlimited design potential, and they are easy to make. This book will cover the tools, design considerations, construction techniques, finishing and provide plans and instructions for many different types of boxes. Fully illustrated, 224 pages.

Woodworking Favorites: Top Projects and Techniques for Your Shop and Home

This books groups together a batch of great projects and technique building chapters conveniently into two key interest areas: Shop Projects and Home Projects. In the Shop section, you’ll improve your hand-tool skills and add a couple of great tools at the same time. Projects include: Dovetail Puzzle Mallet, Battery Charging Cabinet, Trapped Wedge Layout Gauge, Four Methods of Casework Joinery, Repairing Damaged Veneer, Adjustable Box Joint Jig, Miter Saw Station and Horizontal Router Table. In the Home section we have a list of 11 different projects that will hone skills while also creating a beautiful furniture piece or accent. Projects include: Arts & Crafts End Table, Phone Center, Greene & Greene Inspired Desk, Shaker Vanity Mirror, Arts & Crafts Hutch, English Garden Bench, Cherry Bookshelf, Vinter’s Valet, Scandinavian-Style Sideboard, Nesting Tables and Harris Lebus Library Bureau. Fully illustrated with plans, 157 pages.

Woodworking Tools & Techniques: An Introduction to Basic Woodworking

Woodworking is a lifelong hobby you can take into your elder years. For people who enjoy projects, in woodworking there are an infinite number of them varying in difficulty level. Whether you are sharpening your chisels for the first time or are already on your fourth set, this book will help make your shop time more productive and enjoyable and is a great place to start with this very popular hobby. Fully illustrated, 143 pages.

Wood Bender’s Handbook

When it comes to bending wood – whether for components for musical instruments, furniture, boats or much more – those without experience may be understandably cautious because many questions arise. This book is intended to inform about the theories and techniques of wood bending, with detailed instructions to achieve a wide variety of applications. This is a book on principles and not projects – it will help lend to a vast range of applications. Fully illustrated, 144 pages.