Secrets for Accurate Set-Up & Layout DVD


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DVD: Secrets for Accurate Set-Up & Layout

61 minutes.
Chapter Topics:

  • Gauge Bars
  • Drill Bits as Gauge Blocks
  • V Mark the Spot
  • Stay Sharp
  • Use the Right Pencil
  • Your Finger as a Marking Gauge
  • Layout with a Marking Knife
  • Marking Gauge or Cutting Gauge?
  • Find Center with a Marking Gauge
  • Evenly Divide Any Board
  • Fractional Calculator
  • Dividing Up a Circumference
  • Tape Measure or Ruler?
  • Folding Ruler for Inside Dimensions
  • Combination Square for Repetitive Measurements
  • Check Your Tape Tips
  • Get Rid of Layout Lines
  • Layout a Clock Face
  • Compass Layout with No Center Mark
  • Transfer Patterns with Lacquer Thinner
  • Chalk Up a Good Idea
  • Letter Your Parts
  • Chalk, Crayon, or Pencil
  • Track the Squaring Process
  • Sequence of Picking Parts
  • A Trick for Template Tracing