Sawhorse Desk DVD




DVD: Sawhorse Desk

Here’s a useful piece of furniture, with a twist. The base of this desk is built much like a pair of sawhorses, giving it a cool “warehouse” look. You’ll learn to accurately cut and assemble the angles required for the sawhorse base, how to accurately crosscut large pieces of plywood, banding plywood to mask the edges, and many other great skills you can apply other furniture making projects. 69 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Cut Top to Length
  • Band Ends of Top
  • Rip Top to Width
  • Band Edges of Top
  • Ripping Legs from Thick Stock
  • Gluing up Legs
  • Planning the Legs
  • Determine Leg Length
  • Cut Legs to Length
  • Cut Cross Rails to Length
  • Bevel Rails
  • Assemble Sawhorse
  • Trim the Edge Banding
  • Assemble the Desk
  • Watch a preview of this DVD below:

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