Quickie Projects 11-Plan Set


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Woodworking 11-Plan Set: Quickie Projects

Even when life gets busy, you can still find time to pop out to the shop to keep your woodworking skills honed by building a small, simple project. With the right plan, that small investment of time can produce great results, and this collection of plans is intended to do just that.

When you find a spare window of time, grab one of these plans and head out to the shop for a bit of “sawdust therapy” and you’ll not only feel better, but you’ll have a nice project to bring back into your home. These can also serve as great gifts for holidays, weddings, birthdays or other special moments.

There are some sure-fire hits here, including the creative picture frames, wine rack and the unique double-duty breadbox, plus many more. When the opportunity strikes for some shop time, be prepared by having this collection of plans in your arsenal!

This set includes the 11 digital PDF Plan downloads listed below:

  • 4-Tier Knife Block
  • Cedar Plant Stand
  • Double-Duty Bread Box
  • Five-Photo Frame
  • Limbert Footstool
  • Lickety-Split Storage Boxes
  • Mitered Jewelry Box
  • Pinwheel Picture Frame
  • Push Button Bandsaw Box
  • Sliding Bookrack
  • Wine Rack
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