Masters Series Projects 7-Plan Set


Item: D1077F


Woodworking 7-Plan Set: Masters Series Projects

Once you’ve achieved a certain skill level with woodworking and you’ve accumulated a core set of tools and a nice work space, it’s time to challenge yourself by exploring some new frontiers.

This set of plans is intended to introduce some learning opportunities and add some skills to the repertoire of the intermediate to advanced woodworker.

The cabinetmaker’s armoire invites you to work in a large scale while maintaining attention to detail, producing a beautifully crafted heirloom. You’ll take on some challenges in geometry with the bow front corner cabinet, and you’ll learn some tips for inlay when you build the diamond inlay table. The wooden sled might help you check off an item from your bucket list by starting with a green log and ending with a beautiful project.

Completing the projects in this set will be a proud accomplishment for any woodworker, and the new skills that you’ll learn will set you apart as a master of your craft.

This set includes the 7 digital PDF Plan downloads listed below:

  • Bow Front Corner Cabinet
  • Cabinetmaker’s Armoire
  • Diamond Inlay Table
  • Learning Cabinet
  • Sawtooth Desk
  • Stacking Tool Cabinet
  • Wooden Sled