Mastering Shelf Making DVD




DVD: Mastering Shelf Making

Create your own shelves that will spice up your space. Master Woodworker George Vondriska shows novice and experienced woodworkers how to simply construct three types of shelves. A standing shelf project, a floating shelf project, and a cantilever shelf project tutorial are included in this detailed video. Each of these unique shelving projects will provide you ample real estate to display books, china, or even collectibles. After you build your shelves, you’ll have a rigid and strong means of displaying or storing items that are important to have at hand. George walks you step-by-step through the entire shelf construction process with simple, easy to follow instructions. 107 minutes.


  • Selecting your materials
  • Ripping and crosscutting
  • Determining what trim to use for a custom shelf
  • Trimming the shelf
  • Making the hanger
  • Hanging your shelf in a sturdy manner

  • Creating a cross-halving joint
  • Determining dimensions
  • Prepping the parts
  • Cutting the cross-halving joint
  • Sanding and pre-finishing
  • Assembling your shelves

  • Determining dimensions
  • Making the shelves
  • Angling the edge
  • Dado-ing the uprights
  • Chamfering the uprights
  • Creating keyhole slots
  • Assembling your shelves
  • Tools you will need:

  • Table saw
  • Router with a dado bit
  • When you chose to build any of the three shelving projects included on this video, you’ll truly be able to live by the old adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Enjoy creating these shelves on which you can beautifully display or store your items.

    Get started on your shelf project today! Build one version, or all three.

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