Home Accessory Projects 7-Plan Set




Woodworking 7-Plan Set: Home Accessory Projects

There’s no better place to apply your woodworking skills than to beautify your home with carefully hand-crafted accessories. This collection includes some great projects to both decorate your home as well as bring some efficient utility.

You’ll find one-of-a-kind items such as the five-photo frame, pinwheel picture frame and double-duty bread box, as well classic designs like a Stickley-inspired plate rack and a wall shelf with drawers for organizing your entryway with drawers and convenient pegs for hanging coats.
This set of plans can also provide a great source of ideas for special hand-crafted gifts for friends and family members.

This set includes the 7 digital PDF Plan downloads listed below:

  • Five-Photo Frame
  • Double-Duty Bread Box
  • Green Wall Shelf
  • Modern Plate Rack
  • Pinwheel Picture Frame
  • Push Button Bandsaw Box
  • Stickley-Style Plate Rack
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