Gluing & Clamping Skills for Everyday Projects DVD


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DVD: Gluing & Clamping Skills for Everday Projects

With the variety of glues available, it can be daunting to choose which glue is best for a given project or application. This video will help ensure that you make the best choice, every time. We’ll also look at a variety of clamping situations and help you develop approaches for assembling your projects that take the stress out of glue ups. 66 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Types of Glue
  • Check Joint Quality
  • Spreading Glue
  • Leg-to-Rail Assembly
  • Stave Construction
  • Gluing Plastic Laminate
  • Pinch Dogs
  • Gluing Solid Surfaces
  • Gluing with a Vacuum Bag
  • Removing Glue with a Paint Scraper
  • Light Duty Clamps
  • Clamp Pads
  • Spool Clamps
  • Pull Glue into Cracks with a Vacuum