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Furniture Projects 21-Plan Set


Woodworking 21-Plan Set: Furniture Projects

This motherload of furniture plans contains some of the very best projects in the WWGOA collection to adorn rooms throughout your home. You’ll find so many awesome projects that the hardest part might be deciding where to begin.

Perhaps you’ll start by organizing the entryway of your home with the classic boot bench and Arts and Crafts hall tree projects, then move to the office where you’ve got a couple desks to choose from as well as a handy office cabinet. By that point you’ll be ready to tackle the beautiful trestle-style dining table with massive slab top or the bow front corner cabinet.

You’ll learn lots of new skills with these projects including bent lamination, through tenon joinery, forming large-scale finger joints, custom-fitting inset doors, and LOTS more.

This big set includes the 21 digital PDF Plan downloads listed below:

  • Arts & Crafts Hall Tree
  • 3-Level Basket Stand
  • Boot Bench
  • Bow Front Corner Cabinet
  • Cabinetmaker’s Armoire
  • Contemporary TV Stand
  • Diamond Inlay Table
  • Finger-Joint Table
  • Folding Stool
  • Indoor Planter
  • Learning Cabinet
  • Limbert Footstool
  • Little Table
  • Log Cabin Writing Desk
  • Office Cabinet
  • Sawtooth Desk
  • Shaker Child’s Rocker
  • Simple Headboard
  • Summer Table
  • Trestle-Style Dining Table
  • Wall Cabinet of Maple