Easy Shop Improvement Solutions DVD




DVD: Easy Shop Improvement Solutions

This video demonstrates quick and easy mobile storage and is a great weekend project. George Vondriska will show you how to prep the material, how to assemble the frames together, and how to add the vertical supports. This video is a must for anyone who wants a fun and quick weekend project! 87 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Prep the Material
  • Cross-Cutting Long Stock
  • Assemble the Frames
  • Assemble Uprights and First Shelf
  • Assemble Uprights and First Shelf
  • Add Vertical Supports
  • Stacking the Frames
  • Braces and Casters
  • Assemble the legs
  • Assemble the Upper and Lower Frames
  • Add the Lower Shelf
  • Assemble Legs and Frames
  • Fasten the Top
  • Add the Casters
  • Add the Drawer Rails
  • Build the Drawer
  • Tray Rails and Bottoms
  • Install Drawer Hardware
  • Drawer Front
  • Egg Crate Dividers
  • Add the Bars
  • Add a Shelf
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