WWGOA LIVE! February 2017

One of our best WWGOA LIVE shows ever. There were a lot of great questions, thanks to our wonderful viewers. From finish for lathe work to choices for outdoor woods, we covered a lot of ground. Thanks to all who tuned in.

0:43 Turning finishes
3:05 Mortise a leg before or after a taper
3:40 Removing PSA sandpaper
5:40 Mitered corners and glue strength
8:25 Benchtop tool stand
12:08 Projects to advance woodworking skills
16:00 Second coat of stain didn’t come out well
17:47 Fastening rubber feet to a finished piece
20:36 Bandsaw or scrollsaw
24:03 Ridges on dado bottom
27:16 George’s necklace
30:13 Gluing stained wood
31:02 Woods for outdoor use
32:30 Brushless drivers
33:47 Good projects for using up redwood
34:10 Fret work in thin stock
36:20 Router and router table advice
38:40 Blade for resawing
40:10 Classes at Vondriska Woodworks
42:10 Long bow class
42:55 Inline sander for flattening?
44:32 Angle gauge for grinding chisels
46:00 Good material for cutting boards
47:00 Are parallel jaw clamps worth it?
49:55 Gluing veneer to sheet metal
52:45 Storing lumber
53:30 Dust collection on miter saws
54:54 Recommendation for sliding miter saw
56:39 Starter pins on router tables
1:01:30 George’s upcoming on the road schedule

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82 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! February 2017”

  1. Jim

    I'm in New Mexico. Love your video's and this Live event

  2. Jason

    Phil Collins

  3. Chris

    Watching the re-run from just south of London, UK.

  4. Ernest Weschcke

    I am from Lake Nebagamon, WI and I always enjoy you and your shows, also that is one beautiful dog. Thanks for the shows.

  5. Morris

    what models of routers that can use router lift?

  6. Steve Parsons

    Are your products such as DVD'S etc available to residents from Australia who are premium members

  7. Teryl

    Terry Cocoa, Florida

  8. Rob

    What is the best tool to use to cut veneer?

  9. Paul

    From Peoria,AZ

  10. Craig

    Really enjoyed the live show from Scottsdale, AZ. My question is about using a router table. I was restoring a side table top for an outdoor swing. The table is three slats about 3" each 5/8" thick with the two outboard slats cut in a radius. I used red oak and needed to round off the outer edges. As I attempted to round off the radius ends, which were end grain, it started ok but when I reached the middle of the radius, the bit would chatter and take chunks out of the end grain. I one case, it flung the whole slat across the workshop at about 100mph. Can a router be used on end grain when the board is cut with a radius across the end grain or should I resort to just sanding it off?