WWGOA LIVE! August 2017

A beautiful night outside, and a great night to be in the shop answering your questions. Thanks to everyone who participated. You had lots of great questions.

0:25 Buying advice on a drill press
2:14 Rustic lumber; is it any good?
3:00 Ceiling height of a workshop
6:45 Dimensions for a picture frame
8:30 Four jaw chucks for a lathe
10:32 Jointing on the router table. How long a bit?
12:30 Getting a bow out of a board
13:37 Dovetail spline jig
16:18 Thickness of bottom for pull out trays
18:56 Scroll saw in George’s shop
19:52 Gluing glass to wood
21:15 Table saw recommendation
22:12 Recommended humidity level for a shop
23:00 Top coat for hickory
25:44 Tablesaw lock mechanism doesn’t hold
26:52 Brushing on polyurethane
29:30 Leveling end grain cutting boards
31:40 Dovetails in thin stock
33:00 Extended time glue
34:30 Knife kits
37:00 Creating a weather wood look
37:44 Tuning a hand plane
38:15 Two hand planes for George
40:15 Sanding a cylinder
42:17 Become a better finisher
43:45 Table saw recommendation
44:33 George’s mustache
45:29 All about threaded inserts
47:22 Polyurethane over oil?
49:17 Resawing on the table saw
55:44 Material reacts as it’s being ripped
56:34 6” or 8” dado head?
1:01:08 George’s teaching schedule

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73 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! August 2017”

  1. Ben Oswald

    Hi,thanks for the amazing post. This really takes woodworking to the next level, the way this peace is designed truly makes it easy to build and also has a great style. I personally started about 2months ago and I'm already creating my own projects and I did it all thanks to stuffs like this and the help of an amazing 16,000 woodworking plans that are so easy to follow, literally anyone can do this and I'm sure this will provide tremendous value to anyone that sees this. You can check it out here https://tinyurl.com/yahye57y

  2. Sam

    Wow great video sir . the video may help many with problems that they are facing during their woodworking projects . please keep doing the good work . and please let me add a suggestion here for a good wood working project collections . it has more than 150 diy projects . just check that out guys you wont be disappointed https://tinyurl.com/y8e3kt9s .

  3. Stephen

    As for your weathered oak table, just finished a tabletop using Verathane's Weathered Wood Accelerator and it started out grey after 2 coats. Then changed colors when I applied a water based poly to almost walnut or dark walnut. And even darkened with a second coat of poly. The finished product was great but it did change colors in the process, so test on scraps.

  4. Chuck O'Reilly

    I'm an amateur woodworker in Yuma, AZ which is normally a wee bit hotter than most places and have discovered Titebond Type II Extend which works well for me as it has a longer set time. Was discouraging to have the glue dry before I could join 2 boards together before I found this.



  6. Robert Brosius

    Thanks for the show.

  7. Mark Blacketer

    Just a request...give us huddled masses a day or two reminder before the live Q & A. I like to watch them live but I usually remember/find out about the telecast when the notification comes up that it started xxx minutes ago.

  8. tom nelson

    Thanks I just started turning about a year ago,don't what i am doing but have fun. San Jose,CA

  9. karl

    George do you have any plans on a class @ Rockler Denver?

  10. Steve

    On the open time question earlier. Titebond shows the same open time for Original as III. I chose III then for versatility.