WWGOA LIVE! April 2017

No April Fools joke, we had a great LIVE event. Check it out, and I’m sure you’ll be impresses with the improvement in quality. Yeah, we had a few audio glitches, but overall we’re happy to announce things look and sound MUCH better.

0:25 New technology for our live streams!
1:22 How to size a dust collector
2:45 Bandsaw instead of a table saw?
3:28 Dimensioning butterfly inlays
5:06 Flattening twisted boards/face jointing
9:05 Construction lumber for furniture?
11:30 Dimensions of a steam bending box
12:20 Fastening table tops to leg/rail assemblies
14:04 Lining a blanket chest with cedar
15:18 Bosch or Milwaukee miter saw?
16:00 Strength of tenon compared to floating tenon
16:35 110 or 220 for a SawStop saw
17:50 Sapele warped after cutting
21:03 Bowl turning
23:58 Setting dovetail slope
26:10 Laguna or Jet dust collector?
26:45 Finish for outdoor furniture
28:10 Trying to build square frames
29:30 Linseed oil vs water seal for color
30:10 Correct moisture content for wood
32:35 Check table saw for parallel
36:35 DeWalt planer; stock or helical knives
36:48 Paint treated lumber?
37:19 Bandsaw blade deflects
38:55 Help with Leigh dovetail jig
41:30 Gaps in mantel molding
44:00 Tension test on a bandsaw blade
46:25 Ripping narrow parts on the table saw
47:05 Types of glue
47:24 Joinery for cutting boards
50:18 Building in Florida and shipping to Wisconsin
51:35 Foot fatigue
52:33 Finish for cedar
53:30 Plunging mortises
55:30 Clamping at odd angles
57:30 Starting in lathe turning
59:47 George’s teaching schedule>

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78 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! April 2017”

  1. jeff cullinane@ymail.com

    have purchased new hs120 saw bench, having trouble fixing guid to right hand side instructions vague help.

  2. dr.charles

    At multiple points in the archived webinar the sound cut out. The video was excellent.

  3. James Sigmon

    Hello George: When using a framing square to set a 1 in 6 angle and your blade of your angle gage is to short 1/2 in 3 should also work. James Sigmon - Kansas

  4. Chris

    viewing after the event from London, UK.

  5. Ken Howe

    Video was great, but the audio kept dropping out

  6. ray milligan

    It would have been a lot better if the sound wouldn't cut off as much

  7. Howard Wright

    Per a previous question, Recently purchased a 1959 Craftsman radial arm saw. It works fine except throws a lot of dust even though a vacuum is connected to it. It's a 2.5 hp 16 gal shop vac. Your thoughts.

  8. James

    I am making a small table and the top is 18"x 20" out of curly maple 2 pieces jointed in the middle. I want to use purple heart around the outside do I have to worry about expansion.

  9. John McCarthy

    From Limerick, Ireland. Is it OK to build garden furniture with Popular if you use yacht varnish to finish it.

  10. Geoff

    Stewart Island, New Zealand