WWGOA GOLD LIVE: Cope and Stile Joints

This WWGOA GOLD LIVE event is all about the router table, cope and stile joints. George Vondriska used a two-piece rail and stile set and shop-made coping sled, while sharing lots of door making secrets along the way, to help you produce perfect cope and stile joints for your next door project.


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19 Responses to “WWGOA GOLD LIVE: Cope and Stile Joints”

  1. Allan

    Many years ago, I saw George make doors showing the router bits to get a good joint for the styles and rails and the panel that fits into the door. I would like to see this again, Please. Allan Peacock

  2. Ian Bradley

    I Join on 13/10 /2020 Premer Should join gold member while it was on special is that best one or is there better which one should i join thank you for your help Ian Bradley

  3. RALPH

    Very good presentation.

  4. Russell

    Watching in Emily, MN

  5. Zoe


  6. PAUL

    RE: Door dimensions - the height of the door would seem to be easy on the stiles, but how do you figure the length of the rails for the width?

  7. John

    Are there different size router sets? For instance, thinner for framing thin pictures.

  8. Rodney

    Your push block works great for short pieces, but won't work well for pieces which extend beyond the table. ???

  9. Joel

    Can you use these router bits and these techniques on thicker stock, say for an interior bedroom door? Go Badgers

  10. Daniel

    Watching From Tulsa! There's all kinds of door cutting bit styles available. Generally speaking is it usually necessary to be using two router bits?